This blog aims to rescue vintage knitting patterns, as I have been infected by the vintage bug. That’s partly due to the fact that I learned most of my skills from my Grandma, who was born in 1926 and was always impeccably dressed. On a really lazy day, she might skip changing for tea, and only get on a new dress for dinner … that’s the kind of lady she was. She was also a gifted cook, very well read and well travelled, and a highly talented crafter.

In my offline life, I live in Brighton and work as a Software QA engineer/Games Tester. Occasionally, I make jewelery and I do sew quite a bit – I might show some of my creations in this blog, too.

Other things I have done in my life include being a chef, working at the Theatre (as assistant director/general assistant for an off-broadway troupe in Germany), making and selling jewelery and selling beer at medieval market fairs.

You can also find me on Ravelry as Kokori.

I’d love to hear from you, and if you don’t like leaving a comment, please feel free to email me at Koko.Rimbaud at Gmail dot Com.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Darn, cannot comment on I has knittong:-( when you have two different needles you simply knit ONTO the needle that is the correct size and use a smaller needle on the other end IF you are knitting in the round that is

    1. Sorry, that post was supposed to be published later this week, but WP had it’s own mind 😦
      Hm, I’ve never heard of that technique, but I’m knitting flat anyways, so not sure it’d have been much help? But thanks, I totally made a note for later use!
      And like I said, the gauge seems to be exactly the same, so I’m hoping whatever infinitesimal difference there might be will just block out.

  2. Hi! We are three vintage knitter coming to Brighton for the Unwind Festival. We would really love to find vintage buttons. Could you recommend us any shops or markets?

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