His Majesty’s Wardrobe

Welcome to my new blog about vintage knitting. Knitting has been part of my life every since I was a little girl, and although I took a break for a few years, recently I have been back at it.

Mostly, I just start knitting and wing it from there. Sometimes, I make design drawings first. But lately, I found myself fascinated with vintage knitting. When I say that, I mean that I’ve been planning to knit something from a vintage pattern for a while – I haven’t actually done it yet.

But now the opportunity I have been waiting for has finally risen, and today I cast on for my first true vintage knit.

It’s a baby shawl, from the His Majesty’s Wardrobe series in The Sydney Morning Herald. This particular pattern appeared on Thursday, March 1, 1934, and it will be a gift for my friend E. who’s expecting her first baby.

The pattern calls for wool, however, I picked a bamboo/wool mix which is very soft and a bit cool to the touch. I have heard great things about bamboo mixed yarns, but have not used any in my work yet. The yarn I am using for the shawl is very soft and feels great to touch, so I’m happy with it. It’s also machine washable at 40C, and I’m sure the young mother is going to appreciate that!

His Majesty's Wardrobe - Baby's Knitted Shawl - Swatch

Today, I made a little swatch of the pattern, which I misaligned … this is not what the finished pattern will look like! But I love the sheen and feel of the knitted sample – I am already secretly planning a summer jumper for myself using this yarn.

Then I cast on 254 stitches, and started knitting. Good thing I have several months to finish this … a single row takes about 5 minutes to finish!

His Majesty's Wardrobe - Baby's Knitted Shawl - Cast on
His Majesty's Wardrobe - Baby's Knitted Shawl - Cast on