New page: Stitch Library!

As you might have noticed, I have added a new page: The Stitch Library. I’m always on the lookout for new stitches, and I take them where I find them and how I find them. However, I found it’s nearly impossible for me to follow a written lace pattern, while working off a chart isContinue reading “New page: Stitch Library!”


I’m halfway through the shawl, which means this is going much faster than I expected. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out – if I’d start this over again, I’d make the bottom border a bit wider (I’m afraid I didn’t count properly and missed a couple of rows, cough) so that itContinue reading “Progress”

A few observations

I’m nearly caught up to where I was before frogging it all. Can you see how the lace panel cuts in and out of the garter border? That’s how it’s written up in the pattern, but I didn’t really like it, so I decided to “fix” the pattern. And please forgive the crappy shot, itContinue reading “A few observations”

Cast on, the 2nd

After spending about 15 hours knitting through 3 entire balls of yarn, I began to suspect that I had a monster on my needles. The original pattern suggests 9 oz of 4-ply yarn, knitted on a no. 7 needle. I researched. Being from Germany, ounce is not a measure that easily translates to me, soContinue reading “Cast on, the 2nd”