Something else.

Jeez, where did the weekend go? Why is it that time one has to fill as pleases always seems to go that much faster than time that’s planned and accounted for?

While generally speaking, I love my job and am exactly where I want to be, sometimes I wished I had a little bit more time to spend on my crafting projects.While knitting is my big love, I also enjoy other crafts. Sewing, crochet, polymer clay … All of which I indulged in this weekend.

A little bracelet was made.

Some button-holes were crocheted.

Anjou vest with vintage buttons
Anjou vest with vintage buttons

This is the vest which got the buttonholes. It was a pattern from a german knitting magazine, Stricktrends, which I acquired on a trip over in April, and should have beeen a short sleeved cardigan with ruffles around the front.

Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn a few centimeters short of finishing the second sleeve. I decided to make it into a vest, and leave the ruffles.

Instead I adorned it with some of the single vintage (probably 1920ties, mother of pearl) buttons I have.

I like how it turned out, even if it’s a far cry from what it was supposed to look like.

Here’s a photo of the lovely Anjou pattern close-up. The colour came out really weird in this one, it is much more like the photo up there ^^

Anjou - close up
Anjou - close up

I really like the airyness and geometry of the pattern, maybe I’ll give the cardi another go at some later time.

Also, some time was spent on my Other Mission ™.

My Other Mission ™ found me one morning when I stood in front of my wardrobe, and said the sentence all females of all times have uttered at least once in their lives: “I have NOTHING to wear!”

Of course, I was staring at a wardrobe filled to the brim while wailing the dreaded sentence.

But it’s true. I have NOTHING to wear. Well, okay , so maybe not exactly nothing, but there are far too many things in my wardrobe which I can’t or won’t ever wear again. I have put on weight, for one thing. And I’m beginning to think short-sleeve-over-long-sleeve-t-shirt is not the right solution to every situation.

So, clearly, I need to de-clutter my wardrobe. This is where The Mission ™ comes in. I decided to alter or upcycle or recycle or refashion all items I can’t wear any  longer.

I did some too-tight-and short-tshirt-to-panty transformation this weekend – I might be a little bit obsessed with that particular refashion right now, too …

What did you do or make on the weekend?

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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