Sunday Shinies – Mother of pearl button with intricate collar

Another find from the 1920s – a button with an intricately formed collar holding an inlet of mother of pearl. The photo does not really do it justice, and the only grief I have with this button is that I only have one 😦 Now to find a project that brings out one single buttonContinue reading “Sunday Shinies – Mother of pearl button with intricate collar”

His Majesty’s Blanket is nearing completion, part one

It’s time for an update of how the blanket is doing. As you can see, it’s doing fine. Since my last post about it, it has been inspected by the soon-to-be-mother, and she loves it.Phew. Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about it … the yarn still knits lovely, although I’mContinue reading “His Majesty’s Blanket is nearing completion, part one”

The Shawlette is dead, long live the shawl!

Okay, technically, it’s a scarf. I think. It’s from the same book, Victorian Lace Today, and it’s called “Large rectangle”. Somehow, I imagined victorian lace to be named a bit more … poetic. Grand. Impressive. But here we are, with the large rectangle. Mine isn’t large yet, btw. That’s because I only started it lastContinue reading “The Shawlette is dead, long live the shawl!”

On my needles: Victorian inspired Shawlette

This is the little shawl I’ve been working on in the last few days. Yes, I know – I didn’t really need any more WIPs. But this yarn was so lovely, and it was calling out to me, and I was dying to knit something from “Victorian Lace Today” and … so I started. IContinue reading “On my needles: Victorian inspired Shawlette”

Sunday Shinies: French Glass buttons

Here are the Sunday Shinies. Yes, I am aware it’s Monday already, but last week was a bit crazy, culminating in what I fear might have been migraine. Or just the worst headaches ever. Either way, don’t want them again. And they kept me from taking photos. Or getting up and sitting at my PC.Continue reading “Sunday Shinies: French Glass buttons”

Sunday Shinies: Black And Silver Glass Buttons

It’s a lovely Sunday here in Brighton. The sun just came out, and the city is still reeling from the fun of the Pride. I, of course, did not go out 😦 as I have caught the latest office bug, and was in bed all of Friday and most of yesterday. Today, however, I wokeContinue reading “Sunday Shinies: Black And Silver Glass Buttons”