New Stitch: Faggoting!

Another stitch has been added to the stitch library today: Faggoting.

This was  a stitch heavily used in Victorian lace knitting, and if you’re knew to lace knitting, it’s a nice and easy one to start practicing with.

It works over a multiple of 3, and can easily be varied by doing single or double yarn overs.

I have used it recently in a WIP I meant to show you anyways, namely this jumper:

Jumper with open lace panel
Jumper with open lace panel

This is worked in Mohair-Mix, which has a very pretty colour, but is a bit of a pain to work with, really, as it splits very, very easy (and I’m not one to often have splitting issues), and which is twisted rather badly. This results in the different strands of the yarn becoming undone, and often the mohair strand will be “longer” than the rest and will need to be twisted in, or fumbled out at the and of the row.

The photo is not entirely true to colour as I took it with my phone and an app applying an HDR effect.

Here’s a close up:

Faggoting detail - Jumper
Faggoting detail - Jumper

This is worked slightly different from the pattern, as I have not alternated row one and three, but stuck with “K1, Yo, K2tog” in all right side rows. Wrong side rows are purled.


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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