Dying my own yarn

First home dyed yarn
First home dyed yarn

A few weeks ago, Rebecca of Chemknits blogged a tutorial about space dying at home, with food colours. I was immediately intrigued.

So a couple of weeks ago, I broke my “not buying any yarn until the stash is reduced enough to fit into the drawer it’s supposed to live in” (as opposed to live in the drawer, and several bags around the drawer …), and ordered a 200g skein of natural merino/silk mix in laceweight.

Then I went to the supermarket, and started looking at food colours. A very nice lade with a little son told me how great the natural colours worked (on her cupcakes). So I bought colours, too.

When the yarn finally arrived (delivery was a tad slow), it was just as lovely as I’d imagined it would be. I put the pot on the stove, added water and vinegar, boiled my yarn, added colours, rinsed my yarn, dried it and decided it was a bit too pale.

So I stuck my skein of yarn into a bowl with more water, vinegar and colours, and put that into the microwave. After which I was pretty happy with the result, see above.

Despite having 5 projects on my needles, I had to do a quick test knit soon as it was dry. It’s a lovely yarn, and it’s proper lace weight. Which means, on 2.5mm needles, I can barely see, it’s so fine. It knit up nicely, but now I’m scared …

Diamond Lace test knit
Hand-dyed lace yarn in diamond lace

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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