Susanna IC Mystery KAL

I am participating in my first KAL (Knit along): The Susanna IC Mystery KAL. This is a celebration of the 1000th member joining her group on Ravelry.

So far, I’m loving it. I stumbled on the project page on Ravelry, and since I have two skeins of lace weight in my stash, both very scrumptious, and were just a wee bit scared to actually use them, I signed up on the spot. My reasoning, of course, being, that I can’t chicken out once I’ve joined a group and declared my intentions publicly.

And boy, am I happy that I did! This is a bottom-up shawl – with beading! Two new thangs at once, lace weight (seriously, this stuff is fine, you barely see it on the needle!) and beads.

The yarn I’m using is Fyberspates Elegance in Silver. As soon as I saw the KAL announced, I knew I’d be using this yarn. And it’s lovely to work with, so soft and shiny and drapy – I just love it.

Since the yarn is rather neutral in colour, it wasn’t so easy to make a decision on the beads. I had black and opal/hyacinth to pick from. Initially, I leaned towards the black ones. Then I made a swatch, and realized that I liked the sparkly quality of the two-coloured Toho beads a lot more. Also, their hole size is  more reliable – only about every other of the black beads fits over my steel hook, but only one out of 15 or so does not fit from the Toho batch. Sold.

Susanna IC mystery kal test swatch
Susanna IC mystery kal test swatch

Hard decisions made, I sat down to cast on. 361 stitches – oh boy! I used stitch markers to mark every pattern repeat, but thanks to my immaculate counting abilities (and maybe the cider …), I managed to mess it up. There is one border stitch, several repeats of the pattern, and one extra repeat which apparently will later be used to decrease to get the form of the shawl.

Usually, I’m okay frogging something to start over. Like I say, for me it’s more about the knitting than about the finished object (although lace shawls might change that attitude, lol). Anyhoos, casting on 361 stitches in laceweight is NO FUN AT ALL.

Well, I’m confident that this time, I cast on the correct number of repeats and border stitches, however, so if you’ll excuse me, I have a couple of very long rows to knit 😀

Susanna IC Mytery KAL - cast on
Susanna IC Mytery KAL - cast on

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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