Sunday Shinies: White and gold round porcelaine container

round container side
round container side

This is not really vintage, and I suspect many people don’t think it’s a great find, either.

It’s a white porcelaine container (for lack of a better word, if anybody can tell me what his should be called, I’d be forever grateful!) that I found in a thrift store. If memory serves, I paid a whopping £3.50 for it.

Some research told me it’s from a little english studio which closed some years ago, and was probably made in the 1980s. It’s a bit tacky, and the cold decoraion is very clearly handmade, which for me adds to it’s charme.

round porcelaine container top
round porcelaine container top

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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