The KAL is dead, long live the KAL …

Fickle-Zen clue #2
Fickle-Zen clue #2

Clearly there is only one thing better than knitting – knitting in a group!

And since my job and it’s sometimes crazy hours, in combination with my general tendency to be a bit shy to just show up for meetings, make it difficult for me to join an actual knitter’s group (though I haven’t quite given up on it yet), obviously a virtual knitting group is the next best thing.

And by “next best”, I mean absolutely bleeping brilliant. I had such a blast with the Susanna IC KAL that even while it was still going, I started looking for another one.

Enter stage left: Roxanne from Zen Yarn Garden, who generously offered for me to join the Fickle-Zen KAL very last minute. The yarn, travelling all the way from Canada to the UK, took it’s sweet time, but arrived in time, and is absolutely gorgeous.

Choices were between Lemongrass green, Marigold yellow, and Raspberry purple … I was in the edge to go with the Lemongrass, as purples seem to be taking over a bit at the moment, but then couldn’t resist the stunning colour, and I lurve it!

The whole project, so far, is just a joy – the group is great, the chatter pleasant, the yarn a joy to work with, and after the latest fine lace, knits up quickly, and the pattern looks great and is easy to follow.

I == happy bunny.

Fickle-Zen close up 1
Fickle-Zen close up 1

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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