Of broken slippers and anteaters

This is NO KNITTING. Shocking, I know. Occasionally, I try to crochet, too … and I really need a pair of new slippers, as my trusted and beloved fake-leather-fake-fur ones are coming apart:

Poor, old slippers
Poor, old slippers

I am female. Of course my feet need to be wrapped in warm, cozy materials at all times, or they are cold. That’s the nature of female feet – covered, or cold. The need for new slippers is obvious.

But I am also still on a budget. And I do things with yarn all the time. It shouldn’t be too hard to make myself a pair of slippers, right?

A few theoretical considerations:

– my appartment has laminate floors. The slippers need to have grippy soles, or I’ll slide to an untimely death.

– my feet are very drought sensitive. Hence the slippers need to allow breathing but also be rather thick.

Felt sounded like a great fit, except for point #1 – but I have some fake-leather I bought last year for the sole (ha! pun!) purpose of making soles for home made slippers (which never saw the light of day, I might add).

So after quick search of the Ravelry database, I zoomed in on one particular pattern. The pattern was printed, and I set about my task.

Rather quickly, I decided the pattern was too complicated, and I’d just wing it … which resulted in this:

Felted ant eater snout
Felted anteater snout

You might not be able to see it very clearly, but it resembles a hollowed-out anteater snout. Strongly. It does not fit on my foot, which does not resemble an anteater snout. In no way, hollow or not …

So, having learned my lesson, I looked at the pattern again, deemed it too complicated (see a pattern here?), and started to wing it. I made a few changes to the anteater snout production process, then stuffed them in the washing machine at 60C, and waited. Out came these:

Felted slippers
Felted slippers

Truth be told, there was some tugging and stretching and some more tugging, but they looked well enough like slipper for me to proceed to attach the fake leather soles:

Slipper soles
Slipper soles

Overall, a blazing success! I made slippers, with nothing more than a hook and some yarn (and a washing machine, some fake leather and the oral traditions transmitted to me by the mighty elderfolks of the internet)! That’s how it’s done!

There’s only one itsy bitsy teeny issue with them: they are about 2 sizes too small for me. I hope my friend E. likes them, as they’re so painstakingly handmade and all …

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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