Of Slip Stitch Sox

About 7 months ago, the first version of these were my second pair of toe-up, short-row heel socks.

Slip Stitch Sox
Slip Stitch Sox

The other pair is gray and black, which gives it a classier appearance. These are just fun, made out of some mysterious russian (I believe) sock yarn and some left-over Regia hand-dye effect.

Slip Stitch Sox - right
Slip Stitch Sox - right

Looking at these socks closely, I wonder if a gusset heel wouldn’t work better here … ah, who am I trying to kid? I know it would, but I haven’t yet found a method that does not drive me nuts. Does anybody have a link to a great toe-up gusset heel? I’d love to see it!

And we are not speaking about the clearly visible proof that counting to two sometimes is too much for me …

That being said, I wrote up the pattern, it just needs a few minor adjustments, and then I hope to find some willing <del>guinea pigs</del> test knitters who help me find any flaws. Once that’s done, I’ll make it available for download.

Slip Stitch Sox - left
Slip Stitch Sox - left

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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