To the frog pond!

Around the time this photo was taken, the suspicion had firmly taken hold, and yet, some dark magic stopped me from doing the reasonable thing and try the sock on. Had I listened to that inner voice of mine, it could have been avoided. But alas, so driven was I to finish this project, thatContinue reading “To the frog pond!”

Of cables and hooded woolwares

After finishing the Araucania cardi, this is my next big project – The Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky. The yarn I’m using is the Pure Border Leicester by Blacker yarns – a solid english wool, which is going to make a sturdy and versatile (and very warm, I’m sure) garment. The yarn has noContinue reading “Of cables and hooded woolwares”

The Walker Treasury

This weekend, I found myself searching the interwebz for slip-stitch patterns, as I’d like to do a variation on my socks, and also have seen some nice photographs of other slip-stitch patterns I can tell I’d love on socks. While doing so, I found The Walker Treasury. I’m sure many of you already know aboutContinue reading “The Walker Treasury”