Fiber Arts Friday

Okay, so I said I’m off into the holidays … well, part of that is of course to peruse blogs, and if you like fiber artists as much as I do (which clearly you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this – yup, I’m a proper little Ms. Sherlock!), hop over to this blog to find more!

To the frog pond!

To the frog pond!
To the frog pond!

Around the time this photo was taken, the suspicion had firmly taken hold, and yet, some dark magic stopped me from doing the reasonable thing and try the sock on. Had I listened to that inner voice of mine, it could have been avoided. But alas, so driven was I to finish this project, that I pressed forward, without heed of danger or reason.

And so began what had to happen – the socks are too long. Like, A LOT too long. Not just some ease one would hope a machine wash is going to fix. More like “will accidentally putting them in with the colourfast things shrink them enough?”. And we all know that is not a good solution – when has machine washing socks in the hot cycle ever gone right?

So to the frog pond it is (should any non-knitters actually read this: they are going to be ripped back, so I can re-make them into socks which fit me, not a Yeti). LeSigh.

But me being me, I didn’t stop to fret to and cry, I simply embarked on a new project. And two nights later, here we are with my first cabled socks:

Cabled Socks
Cabled Socks


And with that, dear Readers, I wish you a lovely holiday, whatever your fest of choice is this time of year, and see you again next year!

Of arty sox

I finally finished the Diamonds in the Fluff socks. The yarn is lovely, the pattern is great and yet, it took me more than a month to finish them … not sure why.

Ah, well – the yarn was from Zen Yarn Garden, one of the Art Walk Sock colourways. The idea is so lovely, I really wished I could afford to buy this for the year. As it is, I’ll have to be satisfied with snapping up the odd left-over skein.

The goal was to pick a pattern which would showcase the yarn, and I think this one does that perfectly:


Diamond lane sox close up
Diamond lane sox close up

And because I was so please with myself, I treated myself to a rare indulgence in the house: a grilled cheese sandwich. With ham. And a drop of chili sauce. It was delish.

Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese


Of cables and hooded woolwares

Central Park Hoody
Central Park Hoodie

After finishing the Araucania cardi, this is my next big project – The Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky.

The yarn I’m using is the Pure Border Leicester by Blacker yarns – a solid english wool, which is going to make a sturdy and versatile (and very warm, I’m sure) garment.

The yarn has no halo whatsoever, so the cables are nicely defined and round and plump, and on 5.5mm needles it knits up fast – in fact, I’m hoping to make considerable progress over the weekend.

But of course, it’s the holiday season, and there are parties to attend … we’ll see how it goes.

CP Hoodie cable detail
CP Hoodie cable detail

The Walker Treasury

This weekend, I found myself searching the interwebz for slip-stitch patterns, as I’d like to do a variation on my socks, and also have seen some nice photographs of other slip-stitch patterns I can tell I’d love on socks.

While doing so, I found The Walker Treasury. I’m sure many of you already know about it, but I didn’t, and I’m in awe. So much so that I might even reconsider my own puny (and woefully neglected) stitch library

If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out!

Of Re-Gifting

Today, thanks to one of my G+ friends, I found this page, and I think it’s brilliant. I mean, who hasn’t been blessed by a gift that undoubtedly had been picked with some consideration and love, but sadly just didn’t hit the spot?

Usually, it’s seen as fantastically rude to just give that to another person you happen to know will appreciate it fully. Not hide it in their wardrobe (or under the bed, as it may be). Enter stage left: Brainpickings with their fab regifting API:

“Introducing the Brain Pickings Regifting API — a free set of tools that aim to remove the social stigma from regifting, letting your loved ones know that you openly endorse regifting and encouraging them to pay your gift forward if there’s someone in their lives better suited for it than themselves.”

Pop over, good folks, and use it! The offer a set of tools to declare your love of re-gifting. Most excellent, methinks.

Of distractions

Oh dear, you must think my life has been one constant party since my Birthday!

Let me assure you, that has not been the case. There was a spot of adult drink consumption, and presents had to be unwrapped, but right after that, my life sprang back to being the turmoil I’m used to. Which is good, really, because I’m a creature of routine and like my life to be the way I’m used to it. With the occasional change … but that’s all in the stars yet, and hence will or will not be discussed in a future post.

Did I knit, you might aks. Did I breathe, I would reply. Of course I knit … actually, knitwise it was a rather satisfying week, as I finished the 2nd cardigan I’ve knit in my life, and it turned out just the way I hoped it would. I am in love.

Auraucania simple cardigan
Araucania simple cardigan

It’s just on the right side of ease, it’s soft and cuddly and super warm. The only thing that might not be optimal is that I have a feeling it’s going to pill … but we’ll have to see about that. So far, I haven’t even bothered to block it. I just had to put it right on, and ask my colleagues, I wore it for most of the week. Together with my jeans. Which they won’t have noticed, as I always wear my jeans. If I’m not wearing the brand-new plaid trousers, that is.

And because I’m me, here’s a close-up of the buttons I used. Vintage, of course:

Auraucania simple cardigan button
Araucania simple cardigan button