To the frog pond!

To the frog pond!
To the frog pond!

Around the time this photo was taken, the suspicion had firmly taken hold, and yet, some dark magic stopped me from doing the reasonable thing and try the sock on. Had I listened to that inner voice of mine, it could have been avoided. But alas, so driven was I to finish this project, that I pressed forward, without heed of danger or reason.

And so began what had to happen – the socks are too long. Like, A LOT too long. Not just some ease one would hope a machine wash is going to fix. More like “will accidentally putting them in with the colourfast things shrink them enough?”. And we all know that is not a good solution – when has machine washing socks in the hot cycle ever gone right?

So to the frog pond it is (should any non-knitters actually read this: they are going to be ripped back, so I can re-make them into socks which fit me, not a Yeti). LeSigh.

But me being me, I didn’t stop to fret to and cry, I simply embarked on a new project. And two nights later, here we are with my first cabled socks:

Cabled Socks
Cabled Socks


And with that, dear Readers, I wish you a lovely holiday, whatever your fest of choice is this time of year, and see you again next year!

Published by kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

4 thoughts on “To the frog pond!

  1. Your cable socks are amazing! I’m a sucker for cables and those are super sassy. It’s good that you could walk away from the project. i would have obsessed with it.

    Thank you for linking in to Fiber Arts Friday. Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happy Holidays. I look forward to more of your projects in the new year.

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