“Life is just one damn thing after another.”

So said Elbert Hubbard.

And ain’t he right. This blog hiatus was never supposed to last this long, but just one damn thing after another happened.

And while there was one truly horrible incident, the rest of it was just tedious and time and energy consuming.

My job went from stressful to crazy stressful. Then I got a work offer for when my contract will run out, which would have included moving to the other side of the big pond, and then the offer was retracted because of “business decisions”. Nothing to do with me, so I was told, but it still dumped me in a roller coaster that took a while to get out of. The fact that my work is still very demanding wasn’t helping. And now, of course, I have to  think about what I’m going to do when the time comes and I’ll need a new job.

There are health issues in my immediate family which keep me worrying. Nothing really I can do about that, and that’s probably what stresses me most.

And then there was The Baby Blanket. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will remember that this blog started with The Blanket.  The yarn and pattern were picked with great deliberation, and I knit it with love and care.
That was not quite a year ago, but man, does it feel like a lifetime passed.
The blanket was delivered, on time, but it breaks my heart to say that the little recipient never got to use it. There were complications during the birth, and it did not end well. Forgive me for being a bit cryptic, but I’m sure you’ll understand that I can’t go into details of my friend’s ordeal here.
I am not sure I can ever knit a baby blanket again – not usually given to superstition, I’d worry a curse might be attached to my blankets. Of course a test group of one is not exactly scientific proof, but the whole horrid experience was just too depressing.

Some of that is behind me, some is still going on. The good thing is I am still knitting, and sometimes I’m convinced it’s what keeps me sane.

The projects I’ve finished in the meantime are too many to list here, and if you’re actually still reading, and would like to see in more detail what I did, please pop over to my ravelry page (and if you’d like to friend me, I’d love that, too!).

Currently, I’m preparing to host a KAL over there, too, for our little group of dedicated sock knitters – come join us, if you also feel like you don’t have enough socks. Or enjoy making them. Or just for fun 😀

I am well aware that I promised to outline my plans for this blog going forward, but I feel like I’ve taken enough of everybody’s time and I will leave that for the next post. The plan is to get back to my Mo, Wed and Fr schedule now … we’ll see what the damned things say.

Thanks for staying with me, and talk soon!

You didn’t think I’d leave you with zero eye candy, now, did you?

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Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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