Wendy Happy and the difference of half a millimetre

Last Sunday, while outside the sun was shining and people were piling up on the beach, I sat at home and pondered the “Formula Toe-Up Sock” pattern for the KAL in April.

I swatched (well, I measured some existing sock knitting), and did my math. I cast on. I ripped. Cast on again. Ripped again.

It was just one of these days. My initial plan was to make a sock using up some leftovers, with a chevron pattern, in 3 different yarns.
Unfortunately, as it turned out, the chevron pattern combined with working in the round and several strands translates to holes at the beginning of the round. So to the frog pond that project went.

Next up some lovely yarn from Zen Yarn Garden, one of her art walk colourways. Turns out that’s a bit bulkier than what I usually work with, and with the sun blazing and my living room heating up nicely … well, you guessed it. Frog pond.

So I decided that I’d just use some fairly unprepossessing yarn – this was, after all, just to try out if this formula really works, and to anticipate where people might run into issues understanding or following it. Which made me pick Wendy Happy.

This ball has been sitting in my stash for a good long while – last year, while knitting some other project, I became obsessed with bamboo  yarns for a short while. That’s when I purchased this ball. I don’t remember what made me pick this colour, tho – I don’t wear a lot of blue. Actually, I don’t have a single blue garment, apart from my beloved jeans. It probably was the only one available that day on ebay or some such.

Anyhoo, when I pulled it out for this project, I didn’t expect much.
I started knitting, with my 2.5 mm needles, and found the resulting fabric a wee bit too lose, and went down to 2mm needles.
At which point I realized I quite like the yarn. It’s super soft, very bouncy and the colour knits up in nice marled stripes.
It’s also very splitty, which I don’t like so much. Especially with the smaller needles, and after having ripped a bit of it, the first re-knit of the toes was a bit painful.
And I will never get over the huge difference it makes to go down half a mill in needles. I mean, half a millimeter. That’s barely visible, one would think. It certainly feels like changing from chopsticks to tiny wires, though … and it slows me down quite considerably.

Anyhow, now I’m sailing along nicely, and really looking forward to try the formula on my gusset and heel flap. I even made a little spreadsheet, where I (hopefully) only add a few key measurements, and my gauge, and it’ll automagically tell me all the other numbers I need for a perfectly snug fitting sock.

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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