A very pleasant surprise (and a free pattern)

This last weekend was a bit of a checkered affair.

Most of my time was spent knitting a birthday present for my mother – a rather simple Shetland shawl, in a classic triangle style, with some garter stitch and eyelets and old shale lace for added interest.

Old Shale setup
Old Shale setup

The yarn was from Blacker Yarns, a provider of english wool – I really admire their wool, and you might remember them from the CP Hoodie project (which, btw, turned out great, if with no hood).
Their fine Shetland yarn is of a completely different nature, tho – while the mixed wool used for the Hoodie was a bit rough and rather rustic, this stuff is fine as angel’s hair. It’s fluffy and fuzzy and soft. It’s springy and bouncy and very elastic.

Blacker Fine Sheltand yarn
Blacker Fine Sheltand yarn

The photo doesn’t do it justice, since you can’t touch it … you just have to take my word.

The knitting itself went super speedy, and after two days, the shawl was finished and went on the mats. Now I wished I’d taken a photo of my fab new blocking mats with the shawl on it but I haven’t. They are from Argos, for a tenner – alphabet play mats. And apart from the fact that they smell a bit gluey when first unpacked, they’re marvelous.

Old Shale finished
Old Shale finished

It turned out great, and I took my usual photos and posted them to G+ to share with my knitterly friends.

And that’s when the madness began.

Somebody said, oh, how pretty, how do I get the pattern?
And I answered, well, there really isn’t a pattern, but if you like it so much, I can just write it down for you, it’s really simple.
They said, that would be great!

So I wrote down the pattern, in a rather rough and haphazard fashion – I know she’s an experienced knitter, and won’t need too much guidance beyond what stitches to use and maybe a chart of the Old Shale LaceI used for the edging.

Then I put the pattern on Ravelry, thinking that’s an easy way to share it.

And then this happened:


Within 8  hours, my pattern was downloaded more than 200 times. People message me to tell me how lovely it is.

This I did not expect. I am super happy that so many knitters seem to love the design but I also feel a bit bad for the low quality of my pattern writing. So I’ll spend some time soon to update the pattern to a more comprehensible form.

It will, of course, also be available through this blog – in fact, it already is up on the “Free patterns” page, but that is the old and unpolished form. If you’d like to download that, check back to see if it’s updated to new shinyness.


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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