All the way from Shanghai!

When I came into work on Monday, after I’d had a fairly long weekend to make up for the 14-hour deploy shift last week, this mysterious packet was sitting on my desk:

It had come all the way from Shanghai – did you know that Shanghai has 23 million inhabitants, and is officially the biggest city on earth? I did not, and I find it hard to comprehend. Maybe I need to go there …

However, I took my little packet home with me, and ripped it open with excitement.

It contained, and that was not a surprise to me, as I had ordered it – a ball winder!!

Clearly, I had to go and find a skein of yarn to try it out on.  So I rummaged to through  my stash, and came up with not one, but three skeins … I have quite a few more, as it seems all my favorite yarns don’t come pre-wound. I’m still not entirely clear on the reasons for that, but suspect it’s got something to do with “being artesan” and “natural” and all that, but I’ll be honest with you, I’d be delighted if more indie dyers offered to wind the yarn for me. I’d be willing to pay for that, too. Really.

Or maybe I should say, I was. Now I have the ball winder. My own, very own, ball winder.

See it in action:

Okay, so actually just after it’s done it’s thing 😀

Look at how pretty these balls are:

And the best thing? I wound three skeins in the 20 minutes or so I had left before I went to work this morning. Now that’s what I call efficient!


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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