In one word: ruffles

Maybe you remember the shawl I made for mom’s birthday? You can find it here, if you want to have a looksee.

As it happens, my little sister’s birthday is just a couple of weeks before my mom’s, and even though we usually don’t make a huge deal out of it, it feels wrong to send my mother something and not my sister.

So I embarked on designing a shawl for her, too …

I used my now favorite yarn again, Blacker’s Pure Fine Shetland, and decided on a dark gray as base with some natural/off-white stripes.

Blacker pure shetland
Blacker pure shetland

Since the shawl is still a WIP, I can’t show you too much of it, but I can tell you this much:

  • it features a garter stitch body
  • of course there are eyelets
  • it will have ruffles

The latter is driving me slowly insane at the moment, as the edge rows are now (guestimated, I can’t be arsed to actually count the stitches … ) well beyond 600 stitches.

Sneak peek ruffles and eyelets
Sneak peek ruffles and eyelets

Stay tuned, as I intend to publish this pattern at some point, too.

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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