Not knitting: Wiksten Tova shirt

If you have followed my blog for a little while, you know that I occasionally sew, too. Last weekend I wanted to finally tackle my current grand project – a new pair of Jeans. The last attempt (which, to be fair, was only a muslin made from an old bedsheet) didn’t work out too well.Continue reading “Not knitting: Wiksten Tova shirt”

New on the needles: yet another triangle garter shawl.

This yarn has been in my stash for a while. It was one of the first “nice” yarns I ordered for myself, it was shipped all the way from the U.S., got stuck in customs and is just gorgeous. So it was a bit of shock to me that, despite the fact that I loveContinue reading “New on the needles: yet another triangle garter shawl.”

Time flies – give away!

This week, on Monday, my 100th post snuck by. And to celebrate this moment, I’ll be doing a give-away. Mostly, this here blog tells you about my knitting progress, but occasioanlly, I also sew (as evidenced here and here). And when I made those project bags, I also made few tiny bags for notions andContinue reading “Time flies – give away!”

Elwing Calafalas – yarn

Again, I’m using Blacker yarn, this time an organic Corriedale and Hebridean mix, which obviously means the sheep are reared organically. However, if you check out this breed, you’ll find that the Hebridean are often used for conservation grazing. The Hebridean Sheep Society has some interesting info about what that is and how it worksContinue reading “Elwing Calafalas – yarn”

Elwing Calafalas

Let me tell you a bit more about my new cardigan, which I have christened “Elwing Calafalas”. According to this handy elven name generator, that means challenging times. It’s an apt description of how my life feels right now. Elwing Calafalas is going to be a rather simple affair, knitted from the top down withContinue reading “Elwing Calafalas”

Minor outbreak of startitis

I blame the weather. For what seems like forever (probably 3 weeks) it’s been raining. And raining. And then, some more rain. Every form of rain – we’ve had it. Light drizzle. Hard downpour. Steady dripping. Whipping winds and sideways rain. And a few others. Temperatures are erratic, but generally lower than you’d wish forContinue reading “Minor outbreak of startitis”