Elwing Calafalas

Let me tell you a bit more about my new cardigan, which I have christened “Elwing Calafalas”. According to this handy elven name generator, that means challenging times. It’s an apt description of how my life feels right now.

Elwing Calafalas is going to be a rather simple affair, knitted from the top down with raglan sleeves. I am not following a pattern, but making it up as I go, as I didn’t find anything that really spoke to me – and I have a somewhat clear idea what this sweater should be.

I measured my neck, and made a gauge swatch to determine how many stitches I should cast on for the back (50). Then I added 1/3 of the back stitches to either side (2×16), and then 1 more stitch, so my setup row reads: 1 – 16 – 50 – 16- 1, separated by markers.I rounded down for the arm stitches, not up, because I found that more often than not (sock heels being the great exception) it’s easier towork with even numbers of stitches.

Elwing Calafalas Setup

You can see the markers (if you look closely) in this photo.

Then follow the yoke increase rows, where I made 10 extra stitches every right side row by kf&b every 1st and last stitch, and every stitch before and after a marker.

At ~3 inches down, I closed the front by increasing 2×2 and 1×16 stitches for a lowish crew neck.

And finally, when the diagonal lines along the arm increases measured 10 inches, I put the arm stitches on scrap yarn, cast on an additional 10 stitches to close the sides beneath the arms, and am now set to knit about a mile of stockinette. Yeah.

Elfwin Calafalas yoke done

I get bored by endless rows rows of stockinette just like any other person, but the vision I have for this sweater is a simple, all-day kind of piece.

The edgings will in all likelihood be a picot edging, like this one here. And if I don’t change my mind again, it’ll get a zipper.Oh, and pockets. Definitively pockets.

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

2 thoughts on “Elwing Calafalas”

  1. Yes, it’s amazing – I have such a clear vision for this cardigan. That’s rather rare, really, I often just make things up as I go, or modify a pattern while knitting it because suddenly something pops into my mind that I think would work better.
    Here’s to hoping that it’ll turn out the way I want it to, lol!

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