Not knitting: Jalie Jeans in dark denim

When I showed off my new pink corduroy jeans, I also mentioned that I made another pair almost immediately after the first one.

While I was able to fix some fitting issues, other things didn’t go so well.That being said, I’m still utterly in love with this jeans.

To get rid of the wrinkles and gaping in my lower back, I just cut the back yoke straight down the middle until almost to the lower edge, but not quite, so it held together by a small strip of paper. Then I removed about 1cm from the top by overlapping the paper, and taping it. Then I copied the new piece to have a workable pattern piece.

This worked pretty well, and the gaping and wrinkling is much better now:

Jalie dark denim back

Maybe I’ll try to remove a little bit more from the back yoke, and even shave off a little width from the top of the back legs to eliminate the left-over wrinkles.I am, however, super pleased how well the top-stitching around the yoke/back-leg pieces came together. Yay!

I also managed to fudge the zipper … and I’m not entirely sure how that happened, as the one on the pink jeans worked out just great. Maybe I do need to pay attention to the steps even if I’ve done them before??

Jalie dark denim zipper

You can see some of the other problems in this shot, too.

For some reason, I folded the zipper protection back and sewed the waistband over it so it pointed to the side. Urm, ya … the seam ripper came out, I cut off a bit of the waistband and replaced it, and sewed it all back together as correctly as would be. No biggie, I always wear a belt with my jeans, so it’s not visible and I’m not bothered.

The other thing is a bit more annoying, and that’s my inability to produce button holes that won’t come apart. I’m not entirely sure if that’s my fault, or my machines’, as I’ve done quite a few of them in lighter fabrics, and those were just fine. Either way, I had to redo them by hand, on this one as well as the pink jeans.

But on the positive side, the jeans again has cute little details I just love.

Mini polka dot fabric for pockets:

Jalie dark denim pocket

Purple top stitching (which you can somewhat see in the photo above). You can also see the problems caused by using the topstitching thread for both, upper and bobbin feeds. No matter how much I fudged around with it, the tension would not be right and the bobbin thread kept looping whenever I moved at more than snail pace. Eventually I changed it for regular thread in a similar colour, and things worked better. Lesson learned.

Jalie dark denim window

Overall, I’m still a huge fan of this pattern, and was just eyeing the afore-mentioned black corduroy to see if I can squeeze another jeans out of that. Maybe with pirates and roses in the pockets?

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

5 thoughts on “Not knitting: Jalie Jeans in dark denim”

  1. Very cute! Between your pink corduroy jeans and now these, I am convinced that I have to make myself a pair. I can see a new pair of jeans at the end of this weekend.

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