Rain (and an award)

The lovely Careless Gene has nominated me for an award! Thank you, I feel rather flattered.

Since she had two at hand, I chose the one I thought fits better (or maybe, I’d like to fit me better?), The Versatile Blogger (check out the rules by clicking on the picture).

Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but I do have the feeling I cover more than just the needles and fibers on this blog, and I certainly plan to add a bit more variety to the mix going forward.

So, without further ado, here are the 15 blogs I love to read (I have a feeling there will be some overlap with previous nominations …):

  1. ChemKnits
  2. Bald Sweater Guy
  3. Wendy knits
  4. The Yarn Harlot
  5. Stitched together
  6. Male pattern boldness
  7. VickiKateMakes
  8. Cation Designs
  9. Sew Well
  10. Yes I like that
  11. Did you make that?
  12. Fuss Free Flavours
  13. them apples
  14. Ciao Chow Linda
  15. Hyperbole and a Half

Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you will quickly spot that these are not all knitting blogs, in fact, there are some food blogs and even one that’s got nothing to do with crafting/cooking at all! The reasoning for including other disciplines is that I know for a fact this thing has gone round for a while, and hence I’m sure many of the brilliant bloggers in the knitting cafe of the internet, if you allow, will have been nominated before.

But also, I do read a lot of other stuff, so I wanted to share the love a bit wider.

Now, onto the 7 random facts:

  1. No navy.
    I don’t know why, but navy’s the color you won’t find in my wardrobe. It’s not like I hate blue, or anything … in fact, I’m quite in love with the brown/turquoise combinations you could find all over the place last year. Just … not navy. Okay, to be honest, I blame my mother. She’s got this thing for “respectable” colours, and navy is right on top of that list (just after white, which is another colour conspicuously absent from my wardrobe). There. I said it. I hate navy.
  2. No processed foods.
    I’m not exactly a health nut, but I have a strong dislike of processed foods. Except <points down>
  3. OMG peanut butter Kit Kat chunky.
    I love the stuff. Which makes it really sad that it’s SO INCREDIBLY HARD TO FIND. Dear Supermarket managers in Brighton – would you please order more of it? Thank you.
  4. Nit-picky by profession.
    I love my job. QA is the next best thing after knitting. Really. I get paid to clickety-click buttons, I get to play with all the new toys before anybody else, and I can nag about them all I want (I have to be nice about it, but you want to do that anyways, no?).
  5. Churches are pretty.
    While I very much enjoy looking at all sorts of old buildings, I’m particularly fond of churches. Which might be because I’m so thoroughly not religious. I always feel like I’ve snuck into some unknown tribe’s territory, trying to make sense of the (to me) bizarre rituals.
  6. Fried insects?
    I’m a huge food lover, and even worked as a chef for a few years. I love to try new things! That being said, I’m still not sure about insects, and I refuse to eat eyes, brains or testicles (unless they’re in Fleischwurst, in which case I don’t care).
  7. The internet
    You probably suspected it, but I do spend a lot of time on the internet. (And during my working hours, I even get paid to do so. Go figure.)

So, now that you know all these things about me, go ahead and forget them right away, please 🙂 Move on, nothing to see here.

Next week, however … there will be historical patterns, knitting progress and maybe even a fried locust. Probably not, tho … even if they were a common sight in the south-east of England (and they’re not), they’d all have embarked on their ark and gone off to drier shores by then, I’m sure. YES, IT’S STILL RAINING.

See you next week 🙂



Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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