Lazy Weekend

My weekend was mostly spent reading, and catching up on some sleep and cleaning around the house.

Hence I don’t really have a lot to share in terms of knitting or sewing today, and will keep it brief.

I did print, tape and cut/trace the pattern for the blouse I’m making for the VPLL1912 Titanic project, and I did sort my fabric into my brand new plastic boxes.

VPLL1912 #1000 Basque

For tracing pattern, I use greaseproof paper. It’s sturdy, cost-effective cheap and the only downside is that it can be a bit narrow, in which case you have to tape the pieces together. This only ever happened to me for trousers, tho, and was easily solved by using some sello tape.

Patternmaking with greaseproof paper

For me this works really well – what are you using? Or do you cut right from the pattern sheet?

Somehow, I don’t like doing that … I think it’s a combination of the delusional belief that one day I will loose these extra 10 pounds, and the fact that I started sewing from magazine patterns (because that was what we had at home … for the longest time, I didn’t even know that you can buy individual patterns. Ya, how embarrassing, I know … ), and since there are many patterns on one sheet, you obviously don’t want to cut it in case you want to make another one from it.

Of course there was some knitting, too. Since the football turned out to be really captivating (sorry, England, but Buffon is a god) I needed something easy to work on, and started yet another shawl.

This one is going to be a present for a friend, and she likes surprises, so the lack of discernible detail in the photo is (for once) on purpose:

Yet another shawl, somewhat secret


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend”

  1. You started on the pattern for the blouse! Is it daunting? Have you got an idea about what sort of fabrics you will use? Such an exciting project! 🙂

    I have done both, cut straight from the pattern and used greaseproof paper. I am now a convert and like to use the greaseproof paper, especially when adjustments have to be made and so far it has been really sturdy.
    I do really want some of this huge tracing paper though that Gertie uses in her craftsy class but have not spotted it anywhere yet. 😛

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