Cake or icing? More like cucumber sandwich, I’m afraid …

Anybody browsing the sewing related blogosphere will have seen this post by Tasia, and quite a few responses to it in other blogs. Her analogy about cake (basic, every-day wardrobe items) vs. icing (lovely but not so everyday dresses) in sewing is very much to the point of the dilemma a lot of sewists seem to face.

For me, this question never really arose. Maybe I’m just boring, but I believe I’m not in either category, really. You might argue I’m a cake sewist, as I’m utterly uninterested in sewing things I can’t wear on a very regular basis. The VPLL1912 project is the only exception, really, and that has a rather practical reason, too – more about that some other time.

But I actually think I’m even more basic than that – I might be the cucumber sandwich of the sewing world.

The first thing I sewed after my long hiatus was a pair of pajama pants. Because I needed them. Then came a couple of tops, and eventually some trousers.

Neither cake nor icing

Today, I made a few of the ultimate sandwich items – they’re needed, but they’re certainly nothing to show off or brag about.

Yes, ladies and gents, I made some unmentionables. I have made them before, and I particularly like to re-purpose old T-shirts, but occasionally I just buy a meter or so of some either pretty or cheap-ish t-shirt jersey to use. I also quite enjoy trawling ebay for pretty stretchy edgings.


What do you think, is it silly to make your own panties?


Update: because  some ppl have asked for the pattern  – here’s the one I used for the shown panties. I have also made them myself by copying an existing pair.


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

10 thoughts on “Cake or icing? More like cucumber sandwich, I’m afraid …”

  1. wow! these are sooo pretty! Really not unmentionables, you should shout about them! I normally just read that sewists are making everything apart from underwear, so I think this is great and shows just how much you can make!!!

    1. I totally agree! One of the reasons I started looking at making my own undies was that it’s incredibly hard to find affordable cotton panties, and I kinda like them to be not plastic.

  2. I’d say that unmentionables are the serving plate. Boring underpants you buy in packs of 5 from M&S are the plate you grabbed out of the cupboard. Pretty underpants are the gorgeous cakestand you got from a thrift store and re-painted in colours to match your kitchen, which can also be used to display cake, cupcakes, sandwiches or petit fours.

    Too far?

  3. Too cute! My mum made everything for me when I was a kid. EVERYTHING. I love seeing people make ‘unmentionables’. I’ve really got to try, the quality of RTW unmentionables are getting worse by the day!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Actually, that was one of the reasons I started to look into it. Back in Germany, it was fairly easy to get some reasonably priced cotton undies. I’m not super picky, but I really like breathable fabrics in general, and in particular for my underwear.
      Here in the U.K. I’ve had a hard time to find any cotton undies at all, and the ones I did find were priced like the cotton plants had been fertilized with gold dust.
      Now I’m obviously not a fan of sweat-shop cheapo labour, but I’m also not a fan to pay the equivalent of a week’s shopping for in item of daily wear. And then, of course, I saw Zoe from So, Zo blogging about her undies, and was soon hooked.

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