Chevron Jeans Skirt – the sewing

Welcome to part 2 of my chevron fun time!

And despite me calling this “the sewing”, I have a feeling that not all of the sewing for this skirt will be in one post – there was a lot of it 😀

I started by pinning the chevron stripes together like you see below.

Overlap edges like this

To make things a bit more efficient, I decided to sew one panel (2 x 9 and 2 x 11 strips) together, then iron the seam allowances all to one side, then topstitch them. Yes, all of them. I know, it’s a bit crazy, but it’s denim 😀 it needs topstitching!

Starting to look like chevron stripes!

As you can see, despite my careful planning and cutting, not all strips lined up perfectly. That didn’t bother me too much, though, as at this point I had identified a crucial mistake in my calculations. I had measured the full length of the stripes, assuming that 2 panels together would be wide enough to make a full skirt half (front or back). But while I pinned them together, it occured to me that due to the angled nature of the chevrons, this might not be the case.

So I remaesured, and lo and behold, they’re not wide enough. What to do, what to do?

Well, I decided not to panic and proceed as planned (for now). Surely I could come up with a plan to add some width?


Up there are all four panels finished, but not yet put together. Nothing much to see, really, unless you step a bit closer and bend down to inspect them from close up.

Urm. Yeah.

I am still not sure how I managed this. I even thought about it, and how I would make double sure to avoid it. But still, somehow, I topstitched the chevrons up on one front panel, and down on the other.

Never one to be deterred by what I consider to be details, I plowed on. Although admittedly, I paused for a cup of tea and some cake (it is a well proven fact that tea and cake improve the thinking process, is it not?).

Next time, I’ll tell you how I came up with a pattern around the panels 🙂 Till then, stay safe!

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

6 thoughts on “Chevron Jeans Skirt – the sewing”

  1. The panels turned out great! I’m sure your clever brain will come up with a solution to the fit issue. Just to toss one idea out, putting zips at the seams which would add width. Exterior metal zips would be kind of funky?! Can’t wait to see what you did!

    1. Thank you – still not sure how I managed the topstitching error, tho … ah, well, spilled milk and all.
      I did actually think about metal zippers 😀 but didn’t have what I would have needed, and at that time, I wanted the project to come completely out of my stash.
      Since I found other areas that could do with some improvement, I might actually consider doing another one (in a couple of years) and will totally keep the metal zippers in mind for then.

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