Lo and behold – actual knitting!

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe other people are perfectly capable of maintaining a balance. Keep doing the repetitive tasks in their life at designated times, and hence be able to enjoy their spare time in an orderly manner.

Over here, things are of a more transient nature. One week, the focus is all on knitting socks (for any value where “week” == “more than a few hours”), the next ALL.THE.JEANS are calling out to me, and then maybe a round of knicker making. I try to fit the necessities somewhere in between my day job and those fanciful obsessions. Mostly, that works fairly well, but  it’s in the nature of the beast that things proceed on a less than even speed.

Elwing – button considerations

I could try and justify the slow progress on Elwing Calafalas by the summer, but you are well aware that we didn’t really have much of that, so it’d be a lie.

First I was distracted by the Caterpillar Cardigan. Then sewing took over. And then it dawned on me that it’s only 4 weeks until the next HUGE expansion in my favorite MMORPG will be released, and it will have mounted combat and horses you can train and I am 15 levels away from being able to do that. (Any of you playing Lord of the Rings Online?)

Taking a break

But despite all that, Elwing has been growing steadily, and at this point, all that’s left is a whole lot of hand sewing and the button bands. Or zippers. Soon as I make up my mind, I’ll let you know 😀

The hand sewing is because I decided against ribbed anything, and have done all borders in a picot edging which needs to be sewn down now.

Like this:

Elwing – pocket detail

And this:

Elwing – neck detail

And this, too:

Elwing – bottom edging

Now, my question for you – should I add some one-by-one ribbing and buttons, or should I apply this sort of picot facing to the front and add a zipper? I really, really can’t decide!


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

4 thoughts on “Lo and behold – actual knitting!”

  1. I love that edging detail a lot! very pretty! I am going to go for buttons! But not too dark ones. Like your choice above. Something like that! I think buttons will go well with the edging. 🙂

  2. Wow I am so in awe of people who knit – and actually finish stuff!
    If I were you (not possible as I suck at knitting) I would put the project somewhere with the buttons and go back and look at it a few times a day. You will come to a decision. I think you know what you want to do 🙂 you are looking for a bit of endorsement. 😉
    I’d also think about what finished look will make you most happy. Do you prefer buttons over zippers? Or the other way round?

    1. He, thank you. I’ve only leaned that in the last few years (the finishing part), lol.
      And you are kinda right … I have 6 buttons which I think are perfect, I’m just not sure a button band would be perfect. But it looks more and more like that’s the route I’m going to go.

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