Getting help fixing my Tova.

Just determined that it needed broad as well as square shoulder adjustment. New pattern pieces drawn and cut, now to sew it up again. Exciting!

2 thoughts on “Getting help fixing my Tova.

  1. I’m really interested that you are having problems with fitting your Tova as I am having exactly the same issues. My first version fitted reasonably well but when I tried to make a second in Linen I found all sorts of problems. Like you I have added a bit extra into the armscye I’ve also widened the shoulders and the back a bit. I’m now finding that I need to adjust the sleeves as they don’t appear to have quite enough ease in the head – I added in extra for the additional armscye but I think I am still a bit short.
    I must admit to getting to the stage where I wonder if I should have just made a larger size.

    I hope you manage to fix yours soon – best of luck!

    • Oh, good to know! Well, not good that you’re having fitting troubles, obviously, but maybe I should make a muslin to check the arms … hm. I’ll be sure to update how it’s going. And good luck to you, too! It’s such a lovely pattern, I’m determined to make it fit😀

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