Do we call the Seventies vintage?

After going on about the impracticability of vintage dresses in my last post, today I’d like to present to you – vintage patterns!

Or I think they are, anyways?

70ies patterns

Do the Seventies already qualify as vintage? I guess so – but then, I’ve heard anything from 20 to a minimum of 50 years of age as the dividing line. Either way, these patterns are copyrighted from 1972, which means my mom could have worn them when I was a wee little one.

I scored them on ebay, for 99p each, so I snapped them all up. As far as I can see they’re unused and complete if a bit tattered around the edges.

Mostly I was looking for something in particular, and I got (I think), but since they were so … urm, reasonably … priced, I couldn’t resist to buy all of them.

One by one, we have:

Raglan Sleeve Top

I can see myself making this – raglan sleeves work well with my square shoulders, and this top has a little button in the neck to fasten it, so it works with wovens, and I’ve been looking to add a few woven tops to my wardrobe.

Ladies Wrapover Jacket

Maybe, maybe not … I’m not too keen on jackets without proper closure, as I’m always cold. I do like the cut with the huge collar somehow, tho …


The very day I find myself in need of a maxi night gown, I’m on it. Until then? Probably not.

Lady’s Raincoat/Jacket

This is the one that I had my eyes on. A coat with a zipper! I’m leaning towards the jacket right now, but can see the coat as a light summer coat maybe? Either way, I love the zipper. I might have to fudge with the pockets a bit, but then, my all time favorite winter jacket had very similar pockets, and I just loved them.

Construction details are a bit sparse:

Construction details

I think I should make a muslin.

Has anybody ever heard of a pattern company called Silver Needles, or even worked with one of their patterns and can give me tips? I searched the pattern review website, but there’s not a lot to find there about this company …


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

5 thoughts on “Do we call the Seventies vintage?”

  1. Exciting! They arrived! I love all of them! The collar on the first jacket is great!
    Love how the illustration of the top really makes me think early 70s! Hope it goes well with the muslin! Can´t wait to see and hear about it!
    Exciting to see people making coats! Even if it means winter is coming …

  2. I travel all over the country finding great sewing patterns, both old and new for all ages, sizes and eras. I think vintage sewing patterns are art, I think they are history, I think vintage and new sewing patterns are practical. I want others to share these wonderful slices of history…as collectors or doing what they were designed to do …make stuff! For generations they were the only way to get the clothes you wanted and now they are the best way. Make things that fit, that last, that are unique. How rare is that today? And it’s something you can do for yourself. Sewing is easier than you think. You can do this!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, and I agree, I’d much rather spend some more time and get something that actually fits me than some sort feedsack that falls apart after a few rounds in the washing machine.

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