You win some, you lose some

Today I wanted to show you the finished black cords. Especially for you, Sylvia 🙂

Really, I had the best of intentions and was stoked to finish the thing. For all of 15 minutes. Then I noticed really bad looping of the bobbin thread, and my machine started to make this noise again, and I had an enlightenment.

This is a hobby, I thought. One I take pretty seriously, and one that I use to save a little bit of my corner of the world, and also something I do to enjoy myself. I do NOT enjoy hearing my machine make that noise. I do NOT enjoy swearing at little loops in the bobbin thread, and I most decidedly do NOT enjoy breaking needles whizzing mere centimeters by my eye.

And that was that. The black cords are in the rubbish bin, I will go hunt for some other fabric (I still want a pair of black jeans), and otherwise forget about this whole abysmal affair as quickly as possible.

For some instant gratification, I made another t-shirt from the pile of jersey knits I got at Walthamstow during my recent trip there with Kim-ing. This was actually acquired at Saeed’s, and I have a generous 3m of it (the end of a roll seems to trigger some unstoppable urge to get rid of it in their shop assistants –  I asked for 2 m, and that’s what I paid for, but got what was left on the bolt).

The pattern used was my self-drafted, and that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about this make.

Maya front
Maya front

I shortened it a tad to hit on my hips rather than 3 fingers below, and this length seems to work better.

Maya back
Maya back

This photo had me a bit surprised, I have to say. I’m quite aware of my rather broad shoulders, but man, do I look like a rugby player here or what??

Maya and Cardi
Maya and Cardi

And here it is styled with  my beloved Caterpillar Cardi. Is that too much stripey action here? I kinda like them together, but it does feel a tad too psychedelic, no?

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

5 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some”

  1. Awesome top! That looks so Missoni and the color is wonderful. Forget the trousers. They can’t all be winners and you certainly learned something in the effort. You may find some nice denim to try another pair of trousers…that may just be what you need!

  2. I love the top! Turned out so great! Must be so satisfying to have drafted and perfected your own pattern! 😀
    Shame about the trousers. Really bizarre issue. 😦

  3. Oh, so many great tips! I was getting little “bird’s nests” on the back prior to pulling the bobbin thread up to the top. Now I know how to prevent them. Thanks to all! Kinda itching to do some MQing on something real now; I am OFF this weekend and don’t have anything scheduled…for the first time since May! So I am hoping to have a play date with Flossie and her walking foot…and my Summer Porch quilt, and my new YLI thread! Wheeee ha!

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