Rawr! – or How to copycat

Everybody seems to be making sewing plans this time of year, and since I’m looking at having some more free time at my hands soon, some project planning seems like a great way to ward off the double dare of funemployment and fall.

Also, the London Fashion Week is on, so I spent some time looking at the photos of various collections online. Actually, if you only watch one video of the event, watch this one – the totally delightful Burberry collection. Seriously, I’m in love. With Burberry. Who would have thought.

Then I was pointed to a young indie designer, Alice Temperley. So I poked around her website and online store, and liked a few things, and gawked some more, and then it happened.

I saw a pair of jeans. Please hold your yawns – they’re not like the Jalie jeans. In fact, they’re more like leggings … should I say jeggins?

Felina Jeans – Temperley (for source please click on the picture)

And I couldn’t help but notice – the look just like this McCall pattern:

For source, please click on the image.

So now I’m slightly obsessed with finding stretch denim in cheetah/leopard print to make my version of the £300 designer leggins.

Crazy? Maybe. Inspired? Defenitely!

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

5 thoughts on “Rawr! – or How to copycat”

  1. Oh I love those! You must make those pants – no one could resist! Mood Fabrics has a stretch canvas leopard print…just saying…

  2. i love them too! mainly for the seams! sounds weird but they are like horse riding type jeggins! 😀 very loosely of course and the fact that if u make them they look like those 300 pounds once is amazing!

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