Psst! Knitting!

Considering that I started this blog as my knitting place, there has been a rather noticeable absence of knitting content lately.

It’s not that I stopped knitting … but I’m proceeding rather slowly, so there isn’t a lot to show. Except for the days when I have to START.ALL.THE.THINGS.

But let’s not talk about that 🙂 Let’s talk about men’s scarfs. My mother’s hubby has requested a “soft, black” scarf.

Black – not a problem. Other than the fact that I’ve been lusting after a black scarf for months. Well, this way, I can test the yarn 🙂

Soft – 10% cashmere, I hope, will suffice for his requirements? I’m using Rowan Cashsoft, which has a slightly higher acrylic content than I’d have chosen for myself, but that will surely add to durability and ease of care.

Rowan Cashsoft (black)

Now, the pattern … dude. On Ravelry, there are a total of 48,652 patterns in the Accessories > Neck/Torso category listed, 22,365 are scarfs. Now, that sounds like a great number of choices, no?

Well, after narrowing it down to free knitting pattern, which contain a photo and are marked as for “male” people, I’m down to 31. Now, this next observation is just that, an observation and has not been studied in detail, but looking at these 31 patterns, I see a whopping total of 5 male faces. All other scarfs/shawls at this point are modeled by women. Or purple. A surprising number both.

So I widen my search, and include unisex … well, let’s cut this short, it took me several hours to find something I thought suitable for the rather unexperimental tastes of the scarf’s recipient.

A simple 1by1 rib, reversible (which I believe he’ll like), with a single cable running up one side.


The yarn is super soft, and has a nice sheen to it. The only thing I noticed are some irregularities I find slightly annoying – how is it that the huge yarn companies so often get away with these things, but no indie spinner or dyer would ever deliver anything like this to you?

Bad splice
Bad splice

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

4 thoughts on “Psst! Knitting!”

    1. I know, one wouldn’t expect it. I have since spent some time reading reviews for the yarn, and it appears a lot of people found knots – guess I’ll call my blessings then 😀

    1. Oh, that must also mean your arm is better, I hope? And hot … I wished. We have rain. And rain. And then, some more rain 😀
      That is a lovely pattern, I have favorited it for later use – thank you!

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