Don’t hold your breath for actual sewing.

So, this post was supposed to be published on Wednesday. If only I’d known before Wednesday came and mostly went. I swear, I’d have put it up in time.

Lately I’ve been looking at my stash, which is manageable by all accounts. It’s one huge plastic container half filled. There are some things in there I ogle every morning (I can see it from my bed), and wonder if today is the day I find YOUR pattern – that’s for “you, pretty length of fabric”.


Occasionally, I go on a pattern evaluation road trip (via the internets, of course). Then I try to imaginarily marry a pattern that takes my fancy with something in my stash.

Simplicity 1776 Project Runway
Simplicity 1776 Project Runway (

This one I actually own, and I own it because I talked a much loved friend into obtaining it in the U.S. and sending it to me. Thanks, <youknowwhoyouare>!!

It is also a sad fact that I own nothing that I could make it out of. I have things that have one of the attributes I imagine for this dress, but not all. I think light wool (which I own in a dark gray.), and ideally checkered (again, I have some, but it’s a light summery (probably poly)cotton fabric.

Now, as an astute readership as mine you will have noticed that I haven’t made a single dress so far. There was the somewhat abortioned Parfait, but that’s it. I did make a couple of skirts – which consequently I’ve never worn. Damn, now I remember that I thought I’d wear my jeans skirt at least once to work for Kim-ing. Sorry, dahlink! I’ll wear it to our next meeting, I promise!

So why do I covet a dress pattern so much that I feel it’s okay to invest not only mine, but somebody else’s energy into getting it when I already know I don’t wear dresses?

It must be the same mechanism that leads to my yarn stash being full of lovely skeins in colours I love, but not a single bunch of skeins/balls that I could use to make the cardigan I desire (which would be either black or gray).

Yarn stash
Yarn stash  – please don’t ask about the yellow. Or the fuzzy green. Please.

What is it that makes me buy stuff that doesn’t fit the bill of what I actually want to wear? Why do I do it? (And oh dear, I think we ARE back to cake vs. icing vs. cucumber sandwich.)

It is hard to resist the calling of a particular pretty bolt of fabric (“Oh, really, end of the bolt? Of course I’ll take all 2.5m of it!”) or the siren calls of a skein of Mal lace. And it takes some training to actually shop for what you want, with more than “some sort of light wool-ish stuff” as clear requirements.

Have I mastered that art? Not by a long shot. Which is why I know what I’d like to make, really now. And still I am scared to go shopping for before I’ve made my muslin (which I so hope will turn out to be wearable, as I’m planning to use wool and flanelette from stash, none of which are shabby) for the jacket.

Right now I’m trying to actually plan even that, and compare the pattern to my beloved winter jacket (which really, really has earned retirement!) so that I know which extra’s and embellishment would make my make even more awesome.


Did I mention that planning is where I get obsessive when I indulge in it?

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

5 thoughts on “Don’t hold your breath for actual sewing.”

  1. oh i know this feeling. I have found a bit of peace by trying to do some stash busting of all the scraps I have lying around but then I still have loads of denim I havent sewn up. I just dont want to waste anything and it doesnt help that our local fabric market changes their stock so often, so all the pretty fabrics need to be snapped up! 😛

    1. Now that is such a great point, lol. What if they have THE fabric, and then it’s gone? Doesn’t bear thinking, lol.
      I thought you were making another Thurlow from the denim?

      1. Yeah and a ginger skirt … 😀 but luckily there is a Thurlow sewalong going on, so after my banksia bug is cured (made another one, thats 3 in total now, ahem) I can start cutting all the thurlow pieces! 😀

  2. It’s hard to not buy some amazing fabric or deal when you see it. I have three yards of cotton with peacocks on it. Why? I don’t know. What will I do with it? I don’t know. I can’t remember why I bought it.

    Just make the muslin and cut that stashed fabric out pronto! That will be a cute coat!

    P.s. I’m happy to send you patterns from here, I’m not always home on the weekends when the sales are but fyi Simplicity patterns are 99 cents this weekend if you’ve got any must haves…

    1. Peacocks?? Please post a photo, pretty please 😀
      Really, 99 cents? Oh.Em.Gee!
      The sales here are 50% off, if you’re lucky, which still makes it usually 4 – 6 GBP. This might be an offer too good to be refused – thank you! I really do appreciate your kindness!

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