Quick jumper

I don’t have much to show you today, I’m afraid. Just a little jumper I made.

But to make it a little more exciting, and just so you don’t think I can’t take super goofy and fantastically unflattering photos of myself, I give you the “pensive stare with no make-up” photo.

Yes, that’s right, my head is in this photo! And yet again, with no make-up. So, wallow in this opportunity to laugh with me about my crazy woman photo face:

Crazy woman photo face

Contrary to what this might look like, I’m not having angelic visions at the time of the taking, I was rather practically pondering when and how hard it will be raining. There’s shopping to be done, you know 😉

Anyways, the jumper – not much to tell about it. I snatched the fabric (which is 100% plastic of one kind or another, according the the hissing and spitting and melting and stinking from the burn test) in fabricland, because I’ve been desiring a simple, black-ish jumper for a while now.

The pattern I used was my self-drafted t-shirt pattern. Which came together without any issues. How boring.

Still, I like how it turned out.


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

6 thoughts on “Quick jumper”

  1. Maybe not the photo to use on the Christmas card this year, but I’ve so got a great many more goofy piccies on the webs than you do. Try and catch up!

    The top is cute and useable so that’s a big win in my world.

    1. That was what I was hoping for, we’ll see how it wears (I’m always rather suspicious of acrylics, lol, I just bought it because it was the only knit the fabric shop had, and it looked exactly like what I had in mind.)

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