New Slippers!

Instead of the promised finished Temperley, I’ll give you a pair of new slippers today.

It’s winter, and my old ones held up admirably but finally were falling apart. Okay, only one of them did – I think I sewed on the sole slightly off kilter, so I pulled the heel down, and hence walked a hole into it. Sad. I loved them very much.

But on the bright side, this gave me the opportunity to make a new pair. Lovely as the old ones were, there were a few things I wanted to make better.

For one, they’d really grown. So I couldn’t really lift my feet while walking around, my usual mode of transportation within the appartment became a bit of a shuffle, and I feel a bit too young for that.

So I sat down, dug out my notes from last year, and started. After having located some Lithuanian wool on Ebay. Now, don’t get me wrong when I say I had a specific, non-high-tech yarn in mind when I bought this. This is meant as a compliment. What I needed was a yarn that felts beautifully, and I find that most of the UK and EU yarns I usually buy just don’t do that.

The construction is rather simple: I knit a rectangle that’s slightly tapered at one end, sew the top together, put another seam there to close the toes, and yet another one for the heel. Then I chucked them in the washing machine with two old towels and felted the heck out of them (white cotton, no prewash).

New Slipper Embroidery

I even added a teensy bit of embroidery … one day, I’d like them to be at least a little bit pretty on top of being super comfy, lol. This … well, let’s say the longest way starts with a single step, non?

My last pair were initially made without added soles, and it didn’t take long until I’d walked (shuffled?) holes in them. At which point I added a pleather sole, and a felted insole for extra comfort.

This time, I went for two different sort of quilting padding, and the pleather again. Here they are just before being assembled:

New Slipper Assembly

The stacked sole in the background is glued together … okay, I poured a generous helping of glue onto it, which sadly did exactly nothing. In the end I basted them, and then held them in place with safety pins before sewing them on.

And an hour of hand sewing with (OMG, THIS IS BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD) waxed thread later, they’re done:

New Slippers!

I think they achieve everything I was after … the right one is a teensy bit tight, but I’m full of hope that’ll sort itself over time. They are warm, cozy and the different sole construction definitely makes the soles cushier.

Yay – what do you think of the new slippers? Have you ever made your own?


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

2 thoughts on “New Slippers!”

  1. these are so good! loving the new sole construciton and the embroidery adds a nice touch! Yay that it worked out! I have made one slipper once. 😛 I didnt have enough wool to make both as i underestimated how much is needed. lol

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