Ladies raincoat – fixed!

You remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned in passing that I (mostly) fixed the weird pulling in my Ladie’s Raincoat?

Well, I wore it out the other day, with my brand new designer jeans mock up, and a handmade hat, and the look was so hilarious it’s kinda cool. Which means, of course, you totally deserve to see it 😀

Ou est la baguette??

This probably says more about my youth than anything else I’ve ever posted, but I felt very french when I looked at this picture. The 60s coat (which is actually 70s, but to me looks 60s), the skinny trousers, the beret … that screamed film noir to me.

Because I’m ramming my fist down the pockets like I was digging for gold, you can’t really see that the issue is indeed mostly fixed. So here’s another headless photo as proof of that:

Fixed Ladie’s Raincoat

And next week, we’ll make a journey into the wonderful world of bum wrinkles. Stay tuned!

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

4 thoughts on “Ladies raincoat – fixed!”

  1. ooo this looks so good! “Ou est la baguette??” bahahahahaha! had to laugh out loud! i love this coat on you! so nice! cant wait to read more about the bum wrinkles! lol!

    1. Beware what you wish for, lol – but seriously, I have started consulting my fitting books (Thanks again to Silvia, the “Pants for any body” come in super handy here!). I’ll detail the findings next week … let’s just say it’s got nothing to do with “flat derriere” …

    1. Hahahaha – they will disappear though, if you just wrap them in a well-fitting jeans! (As I’m sure you know!)
      And thank you … I’m beginning to see a theme in wardrobe, which I think is A Good Thing ™.

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