All at once, always

Right … you will have suspected that my prolonged silence was a  mixture of Christmas and moving stress. You were right 😀

And I have a feeling that for the foreseeable future (I’d reckon the next 4 – 8 weeks) my blogging will be sporadic at best. Please to forgive me! This whole move thing is causing me several gray hairs a day … but all will be fine, all will be fine, all will be fine *me breathes … in … out … in …. out*.

Anyways, I did manage to make a few t-shirts. After reading raving reviews of the Day-to-Night shirt by Maria Denmark, I decided to give it a whirl. And what can I say that Scruffy Badger and Lizzy haven’t said already? Not much, I’m afraid.

My first muslin was still a bit of a fail, as I’d underestimated my belly. Not for the first time, I tell you … but I’m really hoping living in a warmer climate, maybe with access to an outdoor pool somewhere, will help me shed those stubborn last 5 kg I’d like to lose.

Since I had already graded from M for the shoulders to L at the bottom, I just added a little bit more flare to the sides.

It worked okay enough:

Day-to-Night Snakeskin
Day-to-Night Snakeskin

I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the fit, however, so I made a square shoulder adjustment, and moved some of the fabric from the sides to the middle, in a slash-and-spread-ish way (both front and back are cut on the fold, so I just moved the pattern piece a bit away from the fold at the bottom … if that makes any sense at all). Also, the armscyes got raised by ~2 inches to avoid any side-boob incidents.

Day-to-Night Roses
Day-to-Night Roses

And while I was at it, I decided to give the Blank Canvas Tee a go, too:

Blank Canvas Tee
Blank Canvas Tee

I’m not entirely happy with the neckband, as it won’t really lie flat, but other than that, it’s a lovely little pattern I can see myself using again and again, and having a lot of fun with adding my little hacks to it.

On my sewing table I have a fully cut Jalie jeans in a gorgeous eggplant purple, and I’m hoping very much that I get to put it together this weekend. Before the moving madness goes into phase two – flail arms, run in circles and make hen noises. Gack. Gaaa-gack.

Speak soon. I hope.

Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

13 thoughts on “All at once, always”

  1. these turned out great! and ur comparison with number two day to night top shows how small adjustments make a huge difference as the fit is improved so much! really inspiring to keep on making muslins and then adjust! 🙂 liking the tshirt too! looks like a productive few days!

      1. I am blessed and cursed to be a toothpick, makes me a lazy fitter and after decades in my bod I know what will work and everything else I just go ‘alas -meh’ bad stitcher!

  2. Wow, you really made that fit! You’ve got a good top for the warmer weather!

    The best moving mantra is “when in doubt, throw it out”. Happy packing.

  3. How you can sew and move at the same time? I’m mega impressed, although can see how the sewing could relieve the stress ….it’s really interesting to see your drape tops and how you progressed the fit. I too avoid fitting as much as possible and am always so impressed when people tweak adjustments & get them right. The fabrics you have chosen are also pretty funky! Nice styling 🙂

    1. Thanks – I’m a total newbie to fitting, so even small successes feel good 😀 And I think that’s been it with sewing while moving, I’m getting to the point where I can barely sit down at all, let alone focus on sewing … we’ll see. I’d still like to finish that jeans before I leave.

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