Between a rock and a not-so hard place.

This whole moving and start a new job in a totally new country thing – it’s great. And it sucks. Mostly it’s great, tho. I don’t even know where to start … basics seem like a safe choice. A house has been found and rented – and while it’s not really cheaper than my previousContinue reading “Between a rock and a not-so hard place.”

Happy Birthday, ::Paunnet:::

If you saw the short appearance of me reblogging the wrong blog (sorry, Perfect Nose!! I love your blog, too!! And coincidentally, she’s having a give-away, so go check her out) – that’s what surfing between packing boxes does to me 😀 But really, I wanted to share the give-away the lovely ::paunnet::: is holdingContinue reading “Happy Birthday, ::Paunnet:::”

The endless story continues … another Jalie Jeans

Writing this post is totally my way of procrastinating. I feel like I should be doing a million other things, as you do before a move, but since I actually have the luxury of being moved by a professional removal company who’ll also pack my things, there really is mostly cleaning left. And let meContinue reading “The endless story continues … another Jalie Jeans”