Bye-bye, Brighton.

It’s time. The last weeks were spent in a frenzy of telephoning various utility providers, sorting through things, cleaning and what else one does while preparing for a move.

Then I spent last weekend packing “a few odds and ends” I thought the movers shouldn’t have to handle (or maybe I’m old fashioned, and it’s the done thing these days to have strange men pack your undies?).

Yesterday, the movers came and packed the remaining stuff, and then took it away:

The last of my things going
The last of my things going

After that, it was one last time 50% sushi in our favorite place in Brighton with friends (Moshimo, in case you wonder. If you’re living in the area, and like sushi, get a membership card – that’s half price every Monday, and sometimes for a whole month, like now. And trust me, that means an obscene amount of sushi for a very reasonable price.) Some adult beverages were consumed. Well, quite a few, actually …

Today, I took one last walk along the seafront, and to my surprise noticed there was SAND on the beach. Brighton is famed (not always in love, mind) for it’s pebbly beach. Not it’s sandy beach.

Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach

I admired one last time the place I’ve been living these last 2 years, and marvelled at how lucky I am.

Brunswick Square
Brunswick Square

You can even see the house I lived in in this photo 😀

Now I’ll go sit down on the couch, knit a little bit on my very lightweight capelet I decided I must have (but that’s a different story and will be told in a different post), while I am madly in love with the sushi stitch markers I got from my lovely friend Kim-in. Whom I will miss dearly.

Capelet and sushi stitch markers
Capelet and sushi stitch markers

And then I will go to bed, and get up at 3am, and take the coach at 4am, and hop on the plane at 7am, and then Brighton will be history for me.

Wish me luck!


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

8 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Brighton.”

  1. Safe travels and I’m looking forward to all your exciting new adventures! If you can rock it out this well at Brighton just think about the potential for awesomeness is Gibraltar!

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