I haz knitting!

Maybe, if I had worn my new amulet, things would have gone differently. Maybe Sun Wukong would have saved me.

Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong

Or, rather my knitting needle, that is. Because I am actually fine. The needle, however, isn’t:

Broken KnitPro :(
Broken KnitPro 😦

But I’m telling the story from the end to the beginning, and that’s never a good thing.

The beginning is rather pleasant, really. I told you that after several knitting related disasters  I had cast on the very simple lace stole again, just using a different yarn:

Easy lace stole
Easy lace stole

Things were going swimmingly (ha.ha. See what I did here? Just so you know I’m still moaning about the rain.), and it’s now nearly as long as I am tall. It’s a stole, after all, and needs to be long enough to be comfortably wrapped around my rather substantial shoulders.

now longer ;)
now longer 😉

But of course I got bored, and under my coffee table, there was the bag with the cotton-wool-mix yarn I’d carried over in my suitcase, as the beginning of a t-shirt that didn’t really work out the way I intended, and consequently got frogged.

And a couple of days ago, while digging through one of the last unpacked boxes (they contain books and magazines and some old bills), I found an Interweave mag from last year. Leafing through it, this cardigan jumped out to me:

Manteo Cardigan, back
Manteo Cardigan, back

So I cast on, decided to ignore the little fluke in the first few rows of the ribbing (I know. It’s hurting my eyes now, too.), and finished most of the back in one lazy Saturday on the sofa.

Then it happened. I went to get more tea, and when I sat back down, I sat on my knitting – accidentally, I might add. SNAP! I heard the noise, I feared the worst, and I was right – the needle had cleanly broken.

Which is really sad 😦 Not only did I have to continue knitting the cardigan with a 3.5mm needle instead of the 3.75mm (which, frankly, doesn’t seem to make even the tiniest difference), but of course I can’t get KnitPro needles anywhere here. So they have to be ordered … LeSigh.

Am I the only person who ever breaks her knitting needles by accidentally sitting on them, I wonder?


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

6 thoughts on “I haz knitting!”

  1. I’ve sat on plenty of stuff but I usually break them when I step on them. It’s so stinking annoying. Plus I knit socks on size 0s so those suckers break like the wanna. I just keep the random survivors in my knit roll and make up the numbers with a straggler. Of course that doesn’t work with the circular you hocked on. How sad there’s not a knit shop to quickly run out to – I guess that’s the downside of your beautiful and warm new home…I’d take it!

    1. So far I havn’t managed to step on a needle to break it … and sadly, the only thing to do with a broken circular is to throw it out. Maybe I could re-purpose them as a Garotte … hm. 😛

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