I never got the hype about Liberty fabrics.

Until today, that is.

Maybe you remember this post? I certainly do. This fabric just kept spooking around in my head. And a couple of weeks ago, I felt like I needed to treat myself to some luxury. So off I went on a virtual shopping tour, and ordered the most expensive single meter of fabric I’ve ever bought.

It was delivered today – to my actual house, an occurence so rare that it’s noteworthy! – and it’s even prettier in person. It’s also so soft and floaty … yeah, this is love, actually. (It’s also pre-washed already and drying in the gentle breeze on my balcony. I know.)

Just freshly unwrapped - oh, the pretty! It hurts!
Just freshly unwrapped – oh, the pretty! It hurts!

This is totally destined to be another Laurel!

Speaking of gentle breeze – today, as for the last several days, the Levante was blowing. And that makes for a bizarre phenomenon, The Rock is covered in a cloud that seems to be floating over it’s top (well, it actually does …) while over the border in Spain, it’s sunny and 5C warmer.


And to make for a really great day, I’ve also scored massively at the De-Stash event of the Knitting Club in Gibraltar.


100gr of Noro, conveniently wound already. I’m not entirely sure what it is, I suspect Silk Garden, but to be honest, I don’t really care. I’ve loved each and every single Noro yarn I’ve touched so far, so I’m down.

Even better – something I’ve coveted for a long time, but didn’t quite have the play money to buy – Baby Alpaca! 16 x 50gr worth of it, to be exact – at 2 GBP each. So excited!

Now to quickly finish this baby present I’m actually supposed to be knitting right now … see you later!


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

11 thoughts on “I never got the hype about Liberty fabrics.”

  1. Nothing quite like ‘fancy’ fabric & wool. I got myself from super fancy wool/soya in Paris today, expensive but ahhhhh the sheen is divine. I can easily get Japanese lawn at home so I don’t quite guess the fuss about Liberty, other than the prints, but I might find out this trip to London…

    1. Man, I’m so bummed that I can’t be there for the meetup! I hope you have a lovely time in good ole’ Blighty (and Europe in general, of course)!! Curious to hear what you say to Liberty …

  2. Oh its so pretty! Can’t wait to see it made into a pattern! The rock phenomenom is so bizarre. Luckily you live in the sunny side. :p

  3. I misread the baby alpaca sentence. You bought 16 baby alpacas! They were only 50 gr each. They must have been tiny! And so cheap! 🙂

    Liberty. I dare not go near it for fear that it will ruin my taste for cheap fabric.

    1. Hahahaha – I love the idea of 50 tiny baby alpacas roaming my house!
      I still love me some cheap fabrics … for me, it’s a bit like seafood. I love all of it, I have shrimp more often than lobster, but the occasional lobster doesn’t ruin my taste for shrimp. Not sure that makes sense outside of my head, tho … lol.

  4. Oh that is really pretty! I hope you get time to make it up soon. I’m always tempted but it was $50 at Britex in SF and I just couldn’t…I shall play the lottery maybe.

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