Another Laurel, what else?

Last week, I received a fabric order I had kinda forgotten about. How that’s possible, with me being so desperate for some  stash additions, I’m no sure.

It was, however, a shipment of three different double-knits. And the stripey one was just sceaming “Laurel!”. So I made one … after I finally made the Moss skirt.

There will be no photos of it in this post, as it’s not quite finished yet – all that’s missing is a hook and eye, though. The other reason there are no photos is that I’m not entirely sure I love it – which, in all fairness is more my failure than anything to do with the pattern.

I chose to make a size 8, since the hip measurements were very close to mine, and it turned out just a tad tight. I’m not even sure it’s really too tight – it’s just … well, very fitted over my backside. You might or might not get to see it – there’s always the option I loose some weight, of course.

The pool finally opened last Friday, and after putting the finishing touches (well, except for the closure) on the Moss skirt, I went for a swim! Man, am I out of shape – nonetheless, it was glorious. Really need to do that more often now.

K, back to Laurel – I had wanted to try it in a stable knit anyways, and so redraftet the front piece to move the darts down a bit. My first two version have very high darts; in fact, after the first one, I spent a considerably amount of time peering at the photos on Colette’s website to determine where they should sit. Since the model in the stripey dress has them above her apex as well, I didn’t make any changes to my 2nd make, but have hence come to think they’d be more flattering if they were more traditionally placed.

I might have gone a bit overboard (note to self – remember to activate anti-gravity attachments before taking measurements next time), but I like the fit still a lot better now.

Sadly, even though this time I waited until the sun had disappeared behind the houses, and activated the flash, the pics were even worse overexposed than last time. Seems I’ve got to put my thinking cap on how to get passable photos during the glaring summer months …

Anyway, that’s why I only have this one rubbish shot:

Stripey Laurel
Stripey Laurel

I didn’t even really try to match stripes in the sleeves, and clearly fate wasn’t really on my side – also I’m not certain the fact that one side is kinda matched, the other not doesn’t make things worse?

After finishing the Laurel, I repurposed some of the minuscule remnants:

Repurposed tee remnants
Repurposed tee remnants

Yus, not only have my tomatoes now a height at which they need support, the first buds have opened!

1st tomato flower
1st tomato flower

And because I also epically scored against the weed (edgetrimmer FTW!), some celebratory BBQ was called for:

BBQ dinner
BBQ dinner

All in all, a wonderful Sunday. How did you spend yours? What did you make and/or do?


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

2 thoughts on “Another Laurel, what else?”

  1. The striped top looks cute, I like the way you did those cuffs. Enjoy the bbq! Some of us are working today ;-(

    1. I just love to be able to come home after a day at work and fire up the BBQ … as I did yesterday (again). But working on the weekend sucks – I’ve done that so many years, and I’m so glad with my 9 – 5 job these days (even if I rarely actually get to finish at 5 … ah, well).

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