A playful archer.

Hello friends, long time no see.

A lot has happened around here – most notably my mother passed last year, mere weeks before Christmas, and at the same time my cat (remember Mickey? His name’s now Sir Meouwsalot.) got shot. We got through all of that okay, but priorities were not on the blog.

Now, however, life is mostly back to normal (as normal as it gets around here), and all that reminds me of those dark days is a patch of Sir M.’s fur which has grown back darker than the rest of him:

Sir M. and his black soul
Sir M. and his black soul

Initially I thought that was because the long fur on top of his coat hadn’t fully grown back, but have since learned that it’s actually a side effect of my Lordship having some siamese blood, and hence being of point colouration. In short, that’s a gene mutation which causes partial albinism, but it’s only expressed in the coldest parts of the body (legs, head, ears, tail) – or if they get shaved in winter and the fur grows back, it appears ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m sure after his next fur change he’ll be back to his old beautiful self, and he doesn’t seem to mind one single bit.

He’s actually pretty happy:

Sir M.
Sir M.

And his lady has moved in with us, too – meet Helga:


Lest you think this has turned into yet another crazy cat lady’s corner of the internet, fret not – I also made things. Many things, but mostly they’re un-photographed at this point.

But I’ll show you this one, just hot off the machine and still needing a wash and a press. It’s Grainline’s Archer shirt, in a toile de jolie I bought to make trousers from, but realized it was too lightweight for that. The patterning is also a bit sparse, so it was kinda hard to find anything to do with it, and I figured a (possibly wearable) muslin wouldn’t be the worst use.

Archer front
Archer front

I am STILL fighting with the camera, and it still wins … mildly overexposed front shot, both shots done indoors because … well, apparently it’s TOO DAMN BRIGHT outside (quote my camera).

Archer back
Archer back

I think the fit is pretty spot on – there’s some weirdness around the left sleeve cap, but since it’s only on one side, I assume I’ve done something wrong setting the sleeve in. That being said, I might try to set my sleeves in the old-fashioned way again next time – I found setting them in flat rather fiddly.

Apart from that I can see more Archer’s in my future (did I ever mention that my star sign is Sagittarius?), and I’m over the moon to have a shirt pattern that actually fits me now … silk would be nice for this, non?


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

7 thoughts on “A playful archer.”

  1. I can definitely see the Siamese in Sir M.’s face. He’s a handsome one! I was blessed to have had a Chocolate Point Siamese fur baby for 20 years before she went over the rainbow bridge. I love stories about points being lighter or darker depending on the temperature. Her points on her paws were very light for the last few years of her life. Probably because she spent her days in warm sunny windows during the day, or snoozing on a heating pad at night. Are Sir M. and Helga helpful when you sew? I find it difficult at times because my two cats like to sit on whatever it is that I’m sewing. The dog just wants to be in my lap. LOL… my projects always seem to attract the four-footed friends in my house.

    1. I love siamese cats ๐Ÿ˜€ totally bonkers, but so sweet. And yes, they very much love to help … Helga more than Sir M. She likes to test-sit all fabrics, and inspect pattern pieces closely. He’s more of a “sit back here and supervise” kinda cat, lol.

    1. Hey! Thank you – I hope to provide my ramblings on a more regular basis again now ๐Ÿ˜€ And I’ll make sure there’s a sprinkle of cat photography, too – not that I could avoid it if I tried, turns out besides being avid helpers they also love to photo bomb.

  2. I’m pretty sure two cats does not a crazy cat lady make, 17 – now that’s a problem.

    The Archer is great, and indeed that print worked very well in a shirt. Pants would have been a nightmare for pattern placement…

    1. LOL – I have no intentions of getting any more cats, 2 are quite enough, thank you very much!
      And thanks for the compliment – so far, I haven’t been brave enough to wear it in public yet … partly because during the winter months I seem to stick to mostly black for office wear, and always find a bit challenging to return to lighter colours when the sun first comes out (which it is doing down here now in full force).

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