Trifecta in triples (actually quadruples …)

The plan for my next few posts was to catch up on things I’ve made in my silent phase – well, that would of course mean I get photos. Now, my cunning plan was to just ask a nice colleague to take some at work when I’m wearing my makes (which I very frequently do, and in fact my Anna no.2 got me the unparalleled number of 9 compliments in a day), however that hasn’t happened yet.

Instead I give you (most of) the output of an afternoon of t-shirt making. Summer is coming early around here – in fact, today we had 26C and at times I was sewing in my bra. Admittedly not because of the heat, it was laziness but it was warm enough in my sun-flooded sewing room to get away with it.

Anyways. My friend Kim suggested I try the Trifecta top by KitschyCoo. Words like “best thing ever” may or may not have been uttered. So I got my own copy, and today spent a couple of hours taping, tracing, cutting and sewing.

In the end, I made 4 and have another 2 sitting all cut out and ready to go in my sewing room. Yup, it’s that great a staple.

No. One was made with some leftovers from a previous Laurel dress and some black double knit that was languishing in my stash, waiting for that perfect opportunity (I thought that it would become a Lady Skater … maybe some other time).

Trifecta One
Trifecta One

Please forgive the totally unmade-up state of my face and hair … bra sewing and bank holiday is all I’m going to say.

Then I made another one, same Laurel left-over combined with cuts from a shirt I made a loooong time ago:

Trifecta Two
Trifecta Two – probably looking for apparitions here. That would explain the blurriness.

And then I made yet another one, which remains unphotographed – it’s pretty much like no. One, only the sleeves are comprised of patterned fabric tops and black bottoms. Use your imagination 😉

And then no. Three:

Trifecta Four
Trifecta Three. Could the apparition be in the other corner?

Now, this was a different beast.

While the previous three all went together like a dream – I didn’t even bother to change to a jersey needle! – this one was a tad fiddly. But then, it’s a mix from silk and organic cotton jersey, so considerably more flimsy. .

Hence the mild fuck up on the neck band, which is a tad gapey – maybe it’s going to get a bit better with a wash? But despite that – and I’m pretty sure I bought worse RTW shirts – it’s still pretty awesome. Oh, and I added the bottom band after a little incident in  hemming. Possibly caused by the fact that I couldn’t be arsed to look for my twin needle. But it’s all for the better in the end.

Anyways, this pattern is a winner! If you are looking for a quick to make and easily customisable (I didn’t even play with different neck lines yet!) make, this is your thing.


Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

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