Trifecta (again) and Vogue 1247

And finally I started to get photos of my work wear.

Today, it was one of the recently made Trifecta tops (the colleague taking the photos told me it’s her favourite from the batch, btw) and a make from some time ago, the ubiquitous Vogue 1247.

That skirt was made from a left over piece of black denim I used to make another Jalie Jeans (which hopefully you’ll get to see soon, too).

trifecta and v1247
trifecta and v1247 – and of course a derp face again. It’s becoming a bit of a speciality of mine, non?

This skirt probably was the single most worn item I made last year. This was actually the second one I made – the first one is a more dressy fabric (which in fact is curtain fabric I acquired during a sailing trip to Ceuta – I know, my hard life …) and hence sees a little less wear. But it still is a staple for semi-formal family dinners and such.

I have another Trifecta cut with those same fabrics, just reversed – patterned body and black sleeves. The fabrics are both pretty awesome.

The patterned one is from Minervacrafts, and it’s buttery soft and a real delight to wear. Sewing is a bit tricky, as is usual with that kind of light jersey, but totally worth the hassle.

The black fabric came all the way from the US – and yes, it was rather expensive with shipping and taxes and whatnot, but I love it nonetheless. It’s an organic cotton jersey from – looks like it’s sold out in black, but I’ve linked to the array of colours which are listed on their website.  The only problem with it is that it’s a proper cat hair magnet :/

Speaking of which – here’s helper cat approving of the shipping box from said fabric (there was a lot more in there, which gradually is going to be revealed here as I turn it into wearable things 😉

Helper cat
Helper cat

Also, there was a bit of a story around that fabric delivery – being a working woman, I had to schedule a date and time for the delivery to be made so I’d be home to actually take it (taxes to pay, remember?). That all went fine, except that the delivery guy didn’t have change on him. Now I live in a suburb with very little in the terms of shops or businesses (a pub and supermarket 5 mins on foot away is pretty much it). So just going somewhere to get change is tricky.

In the end, I told him to keep it (13 Euros) and consider it a rather huge tip. He, however, didn’t like that – the next day, I found this in my mailbox:

Thx Juan!
Thx Juan!

Isn’t that nice? Totally made my day.




Author: kokorimbaud

Love all things vintage, especially knitting from the victorian era through to the swinging twenties.

4 thoughts on “Trifecta (again) and Vogue 1247”

    1. I was so impressed with this guy 🙂 and thank you – I might still like the long sleeved ones a bit more, but that didn’t stop me from cutting two more with short sleeves 😉

  1. Those are very nice tops! I’ve now had to bookmark another pattern for future reference. I do like the one with the little hem band, it was a happy sewing fuck up there.

    What a nice story about the delivery person! Restores your faith in people when you hear the good things. Hope you’re well!

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