Another stripey triangle

Looking back over the makes of the last months, it’s clear that I have been fascinated by the interaction between colour and texture. A lot of my makes utilise purl ridges to make a contrast colour really pop – like my Caterpillar Cardigan.

This triangle shawl uses the same basic technique, and even very similar yarns. The green lambswool has been replacec by (naturally) brown shetland lace, but the long colour changes are provided by some Kauni effect yarn in pink/beige (or EJ, on the linked page):

Kauni effect yarn pink/beige

Other than that, it’s a very simple, classic triangle shawl. Started at the top of the “spine”, I just alternated 2 rows of Shetland in garter stitch with 2 rows of Kauni in stockinette until I thought it was big enough (it’s just about, could have done with a couple of more inches, as I really wanted a huge shawl to wrap around me and use as jacket substitute).

Stripey triangle blocking
Stripey triangle blocking

Initially, I was going to do a bi-colour ruffled edging, but then ran out of yarn. Or, as it turned out, didn’t really, however could not find the 2 balls I was sure were somewhere (a project bag in the big seagrass box all my WIPs live in – in other words, exactly where they should have been. I’m not sure how that temporary blindness came over me …) but couldn’t locate at the time.

So I ripped it out, smartly without having taken any photos, and replaced it by a simple variation on a Van Dyke Edging.

Stripey triangle van dyke-ish edging
Stripey triangle van dyke-ish edging

I really like the effect these long colour changes have when combined with a solid contrast colour, and have a feeling I’m not done playing with that … I think a striped cardigan might be next, this time leaving out the purl ridges and sticking to stockinette.

Stripey triangle
Stripey triangle

Or maybe another shawl, as I have a a skein of Kauni lace …

Another shawl?

WIP Wednesday: stripey triangle

The black cords are still waiting, but I find it hard to muster up the energy to sew after work and mostly wait for the weekend.

I did, however, start a new shawl design, and am going to show you a little sneak peek.

New shawl

This design is still exploring the mix of bi-color and textured stitches, it’s going to be a triangle with various stripes.

The yarn I’m using is Blacker Pure Shetland in brown, and some rose/cream/light brown Aade long. So far I’m quite happy with the effect, but it’s going to be the edging that’ll make or break this shawl.

More new shawl

What’s hot on your needles?


More planning for the chevron jeans skirt

After the unrelenting rain, Summer has hit the UK. And while I’m really happy that we finally get to see some sun, the drive to hunch over the sewing machine or handle wool (the Elwing Calafalas is a mere 4/5 arm away from being finished) is somewhat lowered.

Which is fine, really – I have spent some time thinking about how to go about the chevron skirt. First, I tried to decide if i wanted one or  more blocks of chevrons. Out came my trusty notebook.

Chevron Jeans considerations

I am clearly leaning towards the upper version, with two chevron blocks. Not because I shy away from having to sew so many pieces. That’s a mixed bag – while it’s clearly more effort and time, it would also enable me to use more of the old jeans. This could have been a dilemma, but the (crude) drawing avoided that – I have a clear favorite. I can see the four chevron thing work on a longer, slimmer pencil skirt, tho … hm. Maybe some other time.

After that I googled around a bit, to see if I could find pretty pictures to inspire me more. Sadly, not a lot there.

I found a very dark picture of a pair of chevron jeans worn by Kate Moss, but it’s hard to make out any details.

Then there is the lovely maxi skirt Flame in the Darkness made.

Neither is what I’m after, nice as they are in their own right.

Which brings me back to the construction of the baby. This tutorial looks really helpful, even though it’s not exactly what I’ll be doing . This “wonky” chevron striping has me intrigued, tho … even though it’s not what I imagine for this particular skirt.

This looks like a great tut on how to make my pattern, although I’m not entirely convinced I want darts, as I feel they would possibly break the flow of the chevron pattern. What do you think?

I do need some tapering, especially in the back, to deal with my swayback. I was thinking I could just taper all four pieces (2 front, 2 back) from hip to waist along the seam-lines, and maybe cut the back a wee bit bigger around the bum area and taper off more for the swayback … I’m beginning to think this will need a muslin.

And just because I’ve been so short on pics this week, here’s one of a place I’d like to be at right now:

Source probably Pinterest …

Simplicity Style: 2211 – the skirt

Is it really Thursday already?!

Somehow I lost a day this week. That’s not a bad thing, you might say, as it means I’m closer to The Weekend, which also begins half a day early as our employer has given everybody in the UK Friday afternoon off so we can watch the Olympics Opening. Yay!

My suspicion is my day was lost during the night where my increasingly bad lactose and gluten intolerances decided to get together and have a party. Both these food intolerances have developed over the last few years, and I’m still not very good at dealing with it.

The easiest way to avoid unpleasantness (which can range from slightly gassy to a full-blown 12 hours of cramps and camping in the bathroom – I apologize if that was TMI) would obviously be just not eat dairy or gluten.

Well, what can I say? I love cheese. Some cheeses are alright, others … not so much. And as I’ve learned the hard way, a brie-and-redcurrant-jelly sammy is just no longer possible. D’oh.

But I digress. The plan for this post was to show you the skirt I made, together with the Caterpillar Cardi, as my first Me-Made outfit post. But this outfit is adamant it doesn’t want to be photographed. I kid you not, I took roughly 50 photos, NONE OF WHICH can be posted to this blog.

You don’t believe me?? Look at this:

Well, at least you get to see the colour changes on the cardi, if you squint a wee bit and try to ignore the fuzzyness 😀

The skirt was Simplicity 2211, the Lisette market skirt:


I had wanted a fairly simple A-line skirt for a while, and this fit the bill perfectly. The pattern is quick and easy to sew up, and I squeezed the skirt out of ~1m of left-overs from a previous trousers make.

You can see that I kinda-sorta tried to match the plaids, but I didn’t try very hard. The result is they’re not matching very well, but I’m okay with that.

Plaid Lisette Market

There really isn’t a lot more to say about it, it was that easy to sew up 🙂 The buttons, of course, came from my stash, and I think go very well with the skirt. I had 4 of them, and they’re just the right size for ornamental use … not sure where else I cold have used them, as they’re slightly too big for a blouse or dress, but just not big enough for a jacket. Hence I’m very happy to have found them a good home on the skirt.

Lisette Market Button

The new ritual

Last week, I told you why The Very Best Jumper is named the way it is (and it has nothing to do with Martha Stewart!).

Today, I’ll show you my silly little new ritual.

And this ritual was inspired by something I also talked about last week, namely the first pajama pants I ever made. Now, I don’t really have a photo of them, tho they’re rather snazzy, if I say so myself … black satin with lace edgings.

The only thing that’s really a constant test of my patience is the fact that it’s really, really hard to tell the front from the back. Because of the slinky fabric, and their blackness, and the fact that it’s usually in a poorly lit bedroom that I put them on, this process can take several moments.

Just imagine me … holding them up, inspecting both sides. Peering inside. Eventually resorting to searching for the gap in the waistband I used to insert the elastic band.

So one day, I said to myself, enough is enough … I need a tag of some sort. Now, me being me, I can’t just … ah, well, you know, sew a little something into the pants and let it be good. This little princess won’t do below a proper tag. Clearly it should bear my name (or the name of my blog) on it.

So I found these:

TVBJ laundry tags

For a very affordable £6.99 plus postage (I paid ~£10 quid overall) you get 36 of these lovely, woven laundry tags. You can choose your font, the colours,  and whether you want some fancy decorations (yes, please!) on them. They come in two different sizes, and were delivered within a week.

The first garment to get one was this (new) pajama bottom:

First use of TVBJ tag

And today, I used another one:

Finishing touches on the caterpillar cardi

It went into the caterpillar cardi, first mentioned here, which I finished today.

As we speak, it’s soaking in the third load of detergent – the green heathered wool is a lovely yarn, scottish lambswool from a small mill, but it comes oiled for machine use, and needs some quite thorough cleaning before it fluffs up.

Hence the absence of photos of the FO … you’ll see more of it during the coming week.

When you’re hit by (inspirational) lightning, cast on.

It’s not like I didn’t have anything on the needles. There’s Elwin Calafalas, a triangle shawl and a pair of socks. Not to speak of the cabin log blanket. There’s even a crochet project sitting patiently in a corner. Oh, and a cotton sweater, too …

Cotton Sweater

After looking at all my projects rather miserably, I realized I did’t want to knit any of them. What I wanted to make was … something different. Maybe a shawl in a fingering weight, so it’d knit up quickly and could be used very soon? (Yes, you guessed it … it was raining outside.)

So some yarn was grabbed, I had a vague idea for something two colored and cast on. I used the same green lambswool and Aade Long yarn as in this shawl. Well, while the colours really work well together, what I really want is a black shawl. I don’t know why I don’t cast one on, I even have some really lovely Wollmeise sock yarn in black.Does this ever happen to you? Knowing exactly what you want/need, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be what ends up on your needles?

Too pink. Really.

Since I wasn’t feeling the shawl, I ripped it. While doing so, I considered ripping a lazy-kate-type shawl that had used up most of the Aade Long (which I eventually did. Well, mostly, some’s still waiting …) earlier this year. And then lightning struck.

These two yarns would be *perfect* for a light, striped cardigan with a boat neck. I mean, like, perfect.

Like, perfect

I’m now about a hand’s width underneath the arms, in a top down raglan construction, and striping the cardigan with added texture.

And what can I tell you? I’m loving it.


Last week, I committed to improving my colourwork.

Without further ado, I present: Deathflake phone cozy.

This is a free chart found on Ravelry, and I just adore the combination of traditional motif and piratey skull.

I just cast on 64 stitches, and worked it flat, then sewed it together. This is a wee bit too large for my current phone, so I’m still considering giving it a gentle felt … we’ll see. It was however not as painful to knit as I expected, and turned out much better than I thought.

Finished it with an applied icord, including a hoop to close it later with a button.