Dior sketches

I know, I know – I said there’ll be no fashion related post today. But then I didn’t know that I’d stumble upon these … Dior fashion sketches on flickr. You should totally check them out – although some of the ladies look a bit anatomically challenged, I have to say.

This dress, however, is adorable:

Dior Trapeze Dress


More planning for the chevron jeans skirt

After the unrelenting rain, Summer has hit the UK. And while I’m really happy that we finally get to see some sun, the drive to hunch over the sewing machine or handle wool (the Elwing Calafalas is a mere 4/5 arm away from being finished) is somewhat lowered.

Which is fine, really – I have spent some time thinking about how to go about the chevron skirt. First, I tried to decide if i wanted one or  more blocks of chevrons. Out came my trusty notebook.

Chevron Jeans considerations

I am clearly leaning towards the upper version, with two chevron blocks. Not because I shy away from having to sew so many pieces. That’s a mixed bag – while it’s clearly more effort and time, it would also enable me to use more of the old jeans. This could have been a dilemma, but the (crude) drawing avoided that – I have a clear favorite. I can see the four chevron thing work on a longer, slimmer pencil skirt, tho … hm. Maybe some other time.

After that I googled around a bit, to see if I could find pretty pictures to inspire me more. Sadly, not a lot there.

I found a very dark picture of a pair of chevron jeans worn by Kate Moss, but it’s hard to make out any details.

Then there is the lovely maxi skirt Flame in the Darkness made.

Neither is what I’m after, nice as they are in their own right.

Which brings me back to the construction of the baby. This tutorial looks really helpful, even though it’s not exactly what I’ll be doing . This “wonky” chevron striping has me intrigued, tho … even though it’s not what I imagine for this particular skirt.

This looks like a great tut on how to make my pattern, although I’m not entirely convinced I want darts, as I feel they would possibly break the flow of the chevron pattern. What do you think?

I do need some tapering, especially in the back, to deal with my swayback. I was thinking I could just taper all four pieces (2 front, 2 back) from hip to waist along the seam-lines, and maybe cut the back a wee bit bigger around the bum area and taper off more for the swayback … I’m beginning to think this will need a muslin.

And just because I’ve been so short on pics this week, here’s one of a place I’d like to be at right now:

Source probably Pinterest …

When you’re hit by (inspirational) lightning, cast on.

It’s not like I didn’t have anything on the needles. There’s Elwin Calafalas, a triangle shawl and a pair of socks. Not to speak of the cabin log blanket. There’s even a crochet project sitting patiently in a corner. Oh, and a cotton sweater, too …

Cotton Sweater

After looking at all my projects rather miserably, I realized I did’t want to knit any of them. What I wanted to make was … something different. Maybe a shawl in a fingering weight, so it’d knit up quickly and could be used very soon? (Yes, you guessed it … it was raining outside.)

So some yarn was grabbed, I had a vague idea for something two colored and cast on. I used the same green lambswool and Aade Long yarn as in this shawl. Well, while the colours really work well together, what I really want is a black shawl. I don’t know why I don’t cast one on, I even have some really lovely Wollmeise sock yarn in black.Does this ever happen to you? Knowing exactly what you want/need, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be what ends up on your needles?

Too pink. Really.

Since I wasn’t feeling the shawl, I ripped it. While doing so, I considered ripping a lazy-kate-type shawl that had used up most of the Aade Long (which I eventually did. Well, mostly, some’s still waiting …) earlier this year. And then lightning struck.

These two yarns would be *perfect* for a light, striped cardigan with a boat neck. I mean, like, perfect.

Like, perfect

I’m now about a hand’s width underneath the arms, in a top down raglan construction, and striping the cardigan with added texture.

And what can I tell you? I’m loving it.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year – I hope all your celebrations were merry, and the new year holds many pleasant and happy moments for you.

Mine has been mostly fab, so far.

I spent new year’s eve with a friend in Kent, and that was lovely. On my way back, she tugged along to London, and we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, one of my favorite museums in the world. In particular, I’m a fan of their collection of the rather mundane – shoes, clothes, crockery and such.

Men's shoes and slippers
Men's shoes and slippers

I do apologize for the rather bad photo, but all I had on me was my mobile phone camera …

We also managed to catch the last day of an exhibition I had read about before, and wanted to see very badly. It would have been very much worth it for this alone – it was called “The Power of Making”, and had all sorts of handmade things on display.

In Germany, we have a word for that, it’s called “Kunsthandwerk”. Basically, it means utilities made by hand and on such a skill level that it’s actually art. Does such a word exist in English? I don’t know … artisan craftwork might be closest?

This exhibition was more on the artsy side, with objects that were clearly conceived in a crafty tradition, but executed to become art … a dress made from tailor’s pins. Wooden bicycles. Papiermache coffins. And the like.

My personal favorite, however, was the crocheted  life-sized bear:


I really should go to the museum more often.

And next time, I’ll talk about my plans for the blog, as I’d like to make a few changes … see you soon!