Of distractions

Oh dear, you must think my life has been one constant party since my Birthday!

Let me assure you, that has not been the case. There was a spot of adult drink consumption, and presents had to be unwrapped, but right after that, my life sprang back to being the turmoil I’m used to. Which is good, really, because I’m a creature of routine and like my life to be the way I’m used to it. With the occasional change … but that’s all in the stars yet, and hence will or will not be discussed in a future post.

Did I knit, you might aks. Did I breathe, I would reply. Of course I knit … actually, knitwise it was a rather satisfying week, as I finished the 2nd cardigan I’ve knit in my life, and it turned out just the way I hoped it would. I am in love.

Auraucania simple cardigan
Araucania simple cardigan

It’s just on the right side of ease, it’s soft and cuddly and super warm. The only thing that might not be optimal is that I have a feeling it’s going to pill … but we’ll have to see about that. So far, I haven’t even bothered to block it. I just had to put it right on, and ask my colleagues, I wore it for most of the week. Together with my jeans. Which they won’t have noticed, as I always wear my jeans. If I’m not wearing the brand-new plaid trousers, that is.

And because I’m me, here’s a close-up of the buttons I used. Vintage, of course:

Auraucania simple cardigan button
Araucania simple cardigan button

Sunday Shinies: (prepare yourself) a Button!

Sparkly multi-colored button
Sparkly multi-colored button

Look at this beauty!

Supposedly, another 1920 find – I am not entirely sure I believe it, but since it’s really shiny that doesn’t really matter.

Even better: for once, I have a full set of 6 of these lovelies!

They do need a black background, and I have not gotten around to knit anything black … which, now that I think about it, is a bit weird, as I meant to for ages.

This will be my incentive, then!

Google+ KAL – Tina’s Hope – please vote! (Sunday Shinies included)

Tina’s Hope is nearly done, and I have even blocked it overnight, using the plate to make it slouchy.

Tina's Hope
Tina's Hope

Please vote for my button after the break!

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Sunday Shinies: Beads


Ever since fighting my way (and teeth and nails it was, my dear friends) through the first beaded row of Susanna IC’s Mystery KAL shawl, I’ve been slightly obsessed with beads.

I now want to knit another shawl/scarf thing WITH BEADS. And then matching fingerless mitts WITH BEADS.

And then other things – you guessed it, with beads.

To make that happen, one needs beads, no?

Sunday Shinies: White and gold round porcelaine container

round container side
round container side

This is not really vintage, and I suspect many people don’t think it’s a great find, either.

It’s a white porcelaine container (for lack of a better word, if anybody can tell me what his should be called, I’d be forever grateful!) that I found in a thrift store. If memory serves, I paid a whopping £3.50 for it.

Some research told me it’s from a little english studio which closed some years ago, and was probably made in the 1980s. It’s a bit tacky, and the cold decoraion is very clearly handmade, which for me adds to it’s charme.

round porcelaine container top
round porcelaine container top

Sunday Shinies: yet again on Monday.

Sunday Shinies - MOP button
Sunday Shinies - MOP button

I do apologize, dear Readers, I am yet again late with this post.

But yesterday I was just too excited with the ravelry KAL, and I did not want to spam you with two posts a day. Which is why you won’t hear about or see photos of the nearly finished Majesty’s Blanket, which is only a short edging away from being all done.

Enough of the things we don’t talk about. This is yet another mother of pearl button from the art deco era. Can you tell I really love this style?

Sunday Shinies – Mother of pearl button with intricate collar

Sunday Shinies - Mother of pearl button with intricate collar
Sunday Shinies - Mother of pearl button with intricate collar

Another find from the 1920s – a button with an intricately formed collar holding an inlet of mother of pearl. The photo does not really do it justice, and the only grief I have with this button is that I only have one 😦

Now to find a project that brings out one single button perfectly … maybe I’ll have to re-think capelettes?

PS. Yes, I’m too late again … because I genuinely thought most of yesterday it was Saturday. I have that, day confusion … but since we have a bank holiday today, it’s not as bad as it could have been! Just imagine, forgetting all about Monday … oh, the horror!

Sunday Shinies: French Glass buttons

Here are the Sunday Shinies.

Yes, I am aware it’s Monday already, but last week was a bit crazy, culminating in what I fear might have been migraine. Or just the worst headaches ever. Either way, don’t want them again. And they kept me from taking photos. Or getting up and sitting at my PC. Or … you know, anything 😦

However, today is a new day, and here they are!

French Glass Buttons
French Glass Buttons

These are from the 1920s, or so I have been told. I love them – in fact, so much, that I haven’t yet found a worthy piece of clothing to put them on.

They are about 1cm in diameter, and their size would be perfect for a blouse. But since they are made from glass, they are relatively heavy, and I believe a lightweight fabric would not support them very well … ah, for now, I’ll just keep them in my drawer and bring them out from time to time to be admired.

Sunday Shinies: Black And Silver Glass Buttons

It’s a lovely Sunday here in Brighton. The sun just came out, and the city is still reeling from the fun of the Pride.
I, of course, did not go out 😦 as I have caught the latest office bug, and was in bed all of Friday and most of yesterday. Today, however, I woke up, and except for a few sneezes over my first cuppa and some nose blowing, I’m feeling fine. Huzzah!

However, being sick has not helped with my knitting schedule, so today I present you the second of the installment of Sunday fun posts I plan for the future: Sunday Shinies!

I probably mentioned my obsession with vintage buttons before. I didn’t? Well, then … I guess it’s time I come clean: I have been collecting vintage buttons for a while now, and despite me being rather picky about my money spending on them, I have more than I’ll be able to use anytime soon.

Since that also means they’re hidden away in a dark drawer, and that’s no good for their shinyness, I’m going to share them with you every Sunday. I do expect I’ll buy a few new (old) ones, too 😉

Anyhoo, please meet The Black And Silver Glass Buttons

Black and silver glass buttons
Black and silver glass buttons

I found them in Snoopers, a HUUUUGE 2nd hand shop here in Brighton. It’s thrifter’s paradise, except of course for the fancy-seaside prices … but with a bit of luck and snooping around, you can find some precious items that won’t set you back too much.
Like these lovelies! Do you like them? And what would you suggest I use them for? I only have these 4, not enough for a regular cardi …