Ladies raincoat – fixed!

You remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned in passing that I (mostly) fixed the weird pulling in my Ladie’s Raincoat? Well, I wore it out the other day, with my brand new designer jeans mock up, and a handmade hat, and the look was so hilarious it’s kinda cool. Which means, of course,Continue reading “Ladies raincoat – fixed!”

Silver Needles P45 – Lady’s Jacket: finished

This post was in the making for a while, mainly because my camera has been super uncooperative, and won’t give me any good photos at all 😦 In the interest of science (so to speak), though, I’ll give you what I have. Please do accept my apologies for the appalling quality of the shots –Continue reading “Silver Needles P45 – Lady’s Jacket: finished”

Silver Needles P45 – construction details

To tell you the truth, the initial issue with the sleeve cap had left me a tad apprehensive. If they got something like that so horribly wrong, how could I expect the finished jacket to be one I’d actually like to wear? This made me take greater care in the following steps than I oftenContinue reading “Silver Needles P45 – construction details”

Silver Needles P45 – Lady’s Jacket: the beginning

This was supposed to be the muslin of the “real” jacket I want to make. By now, though, I’ve come to the conclusion that this needs to turn out wearable, and if it does, the way I imagine, it should be The Jacket. Because I kinda fell in love with the gabardine, which sat prettyContinue reading “Silver Needles P45 – Lady’s Jacket: the beginning”

Preparing to get started

After some fairly excessive lamenting in my last post, a lovely commenter put her finger on the spot: stop whinging and get on with it (not that she used those words!). So today, I pulled the fabrics I had in mind for the muslin out of my stash. Surprise no.1: what I remembered being someContinue reading “Preparing to get started”

Do we call the Seventies vintage?

After going on about the impracticability of vintage dresses in my last post, today I’d like to present to you – vintage patterns! Or I think they are, anyways? Do the Seventies already qualify as vintage? I guess so – but then, I’ve heard anything from 20 to a minimum of 50 years of ageContinue reading “Do we call the Seventies vintage?”

Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing

Today, a copy of “Gerties New Book for Better Sewing” by Gretchen Hirsch was waiting for me on my doorstep when I came home. Okay, so actually I live in a lovely old house, with gilded mirrors and little sidetables in the hallway, so that’s where it was, on one of the tables. Gertie’s New BookContinue reading “Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing”

Happy Birthday to “The Very Best Jumper”

I was convinced that my baby was born in July 2011, but alas, my brain’s a sieve and all that and I just missed my blog’s first birthday. Happy belated Birthday, dear blog. Traditionally, an anniversary is a good opportunity to look back and take stock, but I’ll go a slightly different route. My friendContinue reading “Happy Birthday to “The Very Best Jumper””

Lazy Weekend

My weekend was mostly spent reading, and catching up on some sleep and cleaning around the house. Hence I don’t really have a lot to share in terms of knitting or sewing today, and will keep it brief. I did print, tape and cut/trace the pattern for the blouse I’m making for the VPLL1912 TitanicContinue reading “Lazy Weekend”