Sunday Shinies: yet again on Monday.

Sunday Shinies - MOP button
Sunday Shinies - MOP button

I do apologize, dear Readers, I am yet again late with this post.

But yesterday I was just too excited with the ravelry KAL, and I did not want to spam you with two posts a day. Which is why you won’t hear about or see photos of the nearly finished Majesty’s Blanket, which is only a short edging away from being all done.

Enough of the things we don’t talk about. This is yet another mother of pearl button from the art deco era. Can you tell I really love this style?

Sunday Shinies: French Glass buttons

Here are the Sunday Shinies.

Yes, I am aware it’s Monday already, but last week was a bit crazy, culminating in what I fear might have been migraine. Or just the worst headaches ever. Either way, don’t want them again. And they kept me from taking photos. Or getting up and sitting at my PC. Or … you know, anything 😦

However, today is a new day, and here they are!

French Glass Buttons
French Glass Buttons

These are from the 1920s, or so I have been told. I love them – in fact, so much, that I haven’t yet found a worthy piece of clothing to put them on.

They are about 1cm in diameter, and their size would be perfect for a blouse. But since they are made from glass, they are relatively heavy, and I believe a lightweight fabric would not support them very well … ah, for now, I’ll just keep them in my drawer and bring them out from time to time to be admired.